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12 Lessons on Rock-Solid Commitment (Part 2)

A few weeks ago, I asked my tribe to share the lessons they learned about commitment.

Or how they made an unwavering commitment in their life… no matter what was going on in their life, health, family, the economy or the world.

I want to share their answers with you.

If you’ve ever struggled with procrastination, taking action or getting what you want, take 5 minutes to read this now.

It just may the fuel you need to propel your rocket ship to the stars… 🙂

Rock-Solid Commitment (Part 1)

“How strong is your commitment?”

It’s not a question we ask ourselves a lot…

But… it’s on my mind today.

I just finished a 19-day no-salt, no-sugar, no-meat, no-dairy cleanse and I’m preparing my first “normal meal” in weeks.

Yep. Nothing tasty for 19 days. :-))))

19 days of raw food, juice and salad.

We went on a business trip. And I stuck to my cleanse. (Not too hard considering airport food)

We were out to eat with friends in Oakland, and they tried again and again to tempt me away from my juice, but for some reason I just wasn’t interested.

The Power of Side Door Coaching

Has anyone in your life ever tried to give you some advice that you just couldn’t receive at the time?

A parent?

A partner?

A well-meaning friend?

A few weeks ago I hosted a Mastermind group for students in our home.

We did 2 solid days of laser coaching and at the end of the first day Donna came up to me and said:

“It’s amazing how people can’t see their own blind spots when they’re so clear to everyone else in the room.”

Your Path to “Internet Famous” Starts Here…

Your path to “Internet Famous” begins with you getting clear on what you’re about. Your big “Why”.

And it continues through you Living Your Message — and being completely, unabashedly, authentically you. Everywhere. Online, and off.

Here’s how this played out for me recently while returning from Canada recently.

How to Take Action in the Face of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty (Try this!)

Two weeks ago Murray and I were visiting my dear friend Celine up in Big Sur.

We had always been sisters of sorts with some uncanny parallels: We’re both 37; half Asian, half European; graduates of Brown University; with family in California, Thailand and Costa Rica.

But that’s where the similarities stop.

So I asked her the Big Question that was racing through my mind…

Money Warp: How To Create As Much Money As You Need On A Daily Basis (Try this)

The other day I got on the phone with one of our community members. Let’s call her Sue. Sue told me she was desperate for 1-1 coaching but she didn’t have the money for it.

She wasn’t interested in any other options for support. She was clear she wanted private time with me, but she couldn’t pay for it. So we had a dilemma. Sue wanted something that she couldn’t afford. And the conversation stopped there.

Here’s what happened next…

Time Warp: How To Create As Much Time As You Need On A Daily Basis (Try this)

How can Richard Branson possibly run over 400 companies?

Well, the other day I was traveling with my friend Natalie Ledwell. Just like me she’s into positive thinking, body hacks, nutrition and all the ways to bend time and do more… while enjoying more. (Yes it’s possible!)

She shared with me her personal strategy. And it goes like this…

1 Simple Sales Page Tip to Instantly Add 25% More Sales

You probably know by now that here at Live Your Message we’re obsessed with conversion…

We’re obsessed with the question: How do we inspire more action and more sales with the same amount of traffic? How do we get off the traffic and marketing treadmill and better serve the people who are already coming to us?

Because that’s how we as business owners go beyond what I call a “one-second-stand” – the ultra-brief love affair most people have with their visitors before they bounce – so we can deepen our relationship with you.

You’re our reason for being.

If you don’t say yes to subscribing to our newsletter and investing in our programs, then we can’t be of service. We can’t contribute to you and we definitely can’t transform your life with what we do…

I imagine you’re reading this because you want to move more people into action and inspire more people to say yes to working with you.

That’s why I wanted to share this one super-simple sales page tip for instantly adding up to 25% more sales to any webinar or launch you do.

My Surprising Definition of Success

I was at a live event this weekend and the facilitator asked a seemingly simple but powerful question: “What is your definition of success?”

The question landed and took root. (It’s been a question I’ve been wrestling with the past few months.)

Someone piped up: “My definition of success is to make millions. Save millions. Help millions. And spend millions…” Sounds good, right? But that answer didn’t sit with me.

I couldn’t help asking myself, then what?

What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You: What You Need to Know About Website Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Disclaimers & More

Ever thought about your website privacy policy? Could you be sued or held liable if there’s a privacy breach that you had nothing to do with? What about your return policies & disclaimers? Are you leaving your business wide open to be sued?

And what about copyright & trademarks? Your intellectual property is valuable and, most people leave theirs defenseless.

On Sunday, we hosted business lawyer Roger Glovsky during the marathon Your Website in a Weekend workshop and he shared some eye-opening stuff that I had no idea about.

Roger has generously agreed to allow me to share his presentation.