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The Power of Side Door Coaching

Has anyone in your life ever tried to give you some advice that you just couldn’t receive at the time?

A parent?

A partner?

A well-meaning friend?

A few weeks ago I hosted a Mastermind group for students in our home.

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We did 2 solid days of laser coaching and at the end of the first day Donna came up to me and said:

“It’s amazing how people can’t see their own blind spots when they’re so clear to everyone else in the room.”

By watching someone else, Donna was able to see own blind spot.

As a highly creative entrepreneur she spent all her time chasing the next idea or inspiration, rather than committing to a specific direction.

By trying to do everything, she wasn’t doing what she really needed to do: she wasn’t marketing and selling her offers.

Because of that, not only was she broke, she wasn’t making a big impact with her ideas and expertise.

And that hurt the most.

I see this pattern over and over again in my students – the reluctance to make a choice.

Whether it’s from fear of limiting yourself, fear of making the wrong choice, or even fear of success, it’s easier to stay in the gray zone. The no-mans land of I don’t know, I’m not sure or I’m not ready.

Donna received what’s called side door coaching.

She saw her challenges in the other people in the room.

By watching their transformation, she was finally able to make her own.

The one thing that became crystal clear to me during those 2 days together is that there’s power and magic in a group.

There are some lessons that can’t be learned alone. Some journeys that can’t be taken alone.

That’s why I’m gathering the tribe together in LA on February 26-28.

It’s my intention to create a space of transformation where you can receive the kind of clarity and inspiration it’s almost impossible to find on your own.

If you’re dedicated to taking your message and your business to the next level of success and impact, and want to find an “easier” way to do it… then I invite you to join me at Message to Money LIVE!

You can lock in tickets at the “Early Bird” price of just $197 until Monday, November 2 at midnight Pacific ($800 OFF what the price will be if you wait until the last minute!)

Grab your ticket now and join a transformational community of entrepreneurs committed to bringing their authentic selves into business:

I look forward to meeting you in LA and seeing what comes in through the “side door”.

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