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The Experience Formula

How to 10-30x Your Customer Results
(and Your Results Too!)

Online Education Is a $453 Billion a Year Industry and Growing Fast…

But In Order to Make the Most of This Opportunity, There’s Something You Need to Know…

Building a successful business isn’t about what you know. It’s what you do with what you know that counts.

Whether you want more time with your family, to retire early, travel the world or grow a million-dollar company…

Online entrepreneurship presents an opportunity like nothing else we’ve seen in our lifetime.

But with any business boom comes something else…


With everyone and their grandma picking up their iPhones and selling courses online…

… Your potential students now have a thousand and one options.

So how do you stand out from the crowd?

Well, it’s definitely not posting on social media all day (nope, not even TikTok!)…

It’s not even building complicated funnels or running Facebook ads…

The way to stand out is to get actual results for the people you serve.

And while that might seem like a no-brainer…

Did You Know That 97% of People Who Buy Online Courses Don’t Complete Them?

That means up to 97% of your potential customers and students won’t finish and won’t get results….

And (maybe most importantly), won’t buy from you again!

If you’re like me, you’re 1) shocked by that number and 2) positive that there has to be a better way.

There is.

After watching the majority of my students stall out of my first online course, I dedicated my career to learning how to get my students engaged and taking action…

So They Can Actually Reach Their Full Potential.

Information vs. Experiences

I realized that one industry has clearly figured out how to get people excited, engaged and investing huge amounts of time and money: apps and games.

Think about how many times you opened Facebook, TikTok or Instagram today, or how many hours you’ve lost to Wordle or some random game on your phone?

What if you could use those same habit-forming principles to help you (and your customers) reach your goals?

I became obsessed with this question.

I started researching everything from video games to slot machines to the best-selling and most popular apps. I also researched adult education and the psychology of motivation… or how we learn best… 

I learned that most online education is focused on one thing: delivering information.

And that sounds great…

Until you realize that all of us are inundated with more information than we can handle.

· The internet now has over 1.94 billion websites (and counting).

· 500 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube EVERY SINGLE MINUTE.

· The average American consumes 34 gigabytes worth of content a day, including a whopping 100,000 words of information.

No wonder most people don’t finish the courses they buy — they’re overwhelmed!

I Discovered That the Reason Apps and Games Are So Addictive Is Because They ALL Rely on the Same Collection of 10 Core Experiences

I called this list the “Experience Formula”.

Whenever I found myself going down the rabbit hole with something, getting more and more engaged, I checked this Formula and I always found that they’d used one or more of these 10 Core Experiences to hook me — if not a combination of all of them.

So I started building these 10 Core Experiences into my courses… and the results were astonishing.

Instead of the industry standard 3% completion rate, all our courses have a 40% and higher average completion rate.

That means our students are 10-15 times MORE SUCCESSFUL than students in other courses.

That’s when I knew I had a responsibility to share this with as many people as possible. And that’s how the Experience Product Masterclass was born — to help our students design, market and profit from their very own Experience Product in 12 weeks or less.

We’ve seen the Experience Formula work in all kinds of products and offers including membership sites, evergreen courses, group coaching programs, live virtual trainings and events, 1:1 coaching and service offers and a whole lot more…

And we’ve taught this model to thousands of students who’ve launched their own online courses and now also have some of the highest engagement rates in the entire online education industry. 10-30 times the industry average — across the board.

Just Like Laura…

Like many hungry entrepreneurs, Laura Eaton wanted to create an online product that would transform her clients’ lives, but she didn’t know where to start.

She purchased information products in the past that promised to be “the answer,” but in the end they weren’t able to deliver on the transformation they promised and just left her feeling stuck and frustrated.

She didn’t want to create the same experience for her clients and she certainly didn’t want to contribute to more information or more “noise” in the world.

She wanted to help, but she didn’t know what to do.

Everything changed for Laura when she discovered the Experience Formula.

Before she knew it, she had built her first “experience-ified” course and very soon after, she had her first customers and earned $3,500.

Best of all, Laura finally saw herself as a confident business owner and that allowed her to serve her clients more deeply.

Results for You AND Your Business

We’ve now taught this model to thousands of students who’ve launched their own “experience-ified” online courses and now also have some of the highest engagement rates in the entire online education industry.

10-30 times the industry average — across the board.

It’s Kind of Magic What Happens When Your Course Starts Doing Its Job…

You know what’s REALLY motivating?

Seeing your course helping students and customers actually create results in their lives.

This is when your customers take you out of the non-essential “nice to have” bucket and put you into the essential (and maybe even not indispensable) “I need that” bucket…

So it’s not even a decision for them to keep investing with you, they HAVE TO because you’re helping them win!

And when this happens, you’ll always grow your business regardless of how many courses there are out there or what’s happening with the economy…

When you learn how to use The Experience Formula to help your customers gain “escape velocity” through your courses and programs, they’ll love you for it — and keep signing up to work with you because of it.

If you’re ready to experience the power of the Experience Formula in your own business…

Use the 10 Core Experiences of the Experience Formula

while avoiding the 10 Negative Experiences…

Apply The Experience Formula to Your Business

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