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The $300 Billion


The $300 Billion


If your audience is selling online programs (or thinking about it), there’s a massive shift in the market that they must be aware of.

COVID-19 has kicked off the biggest migration to online education in human history as the worldwide demand for online education has tripled overnight.And what used to work in this $300-billion-dollar-a-year industry isn’t working any more.

Because only 3% of people ever get results from the online courses & programs they buy, consumer trust is spiraling, sales are getting harder to make, marketing and advertising is becoming unaffordable and repeat customers are almost non-existent.

When you’re aware of this shift and commit fully to student engagement and success, standing out in this booming industry gets a whole lot easier. When radically more people complete and get results from the products, programs and courses you create, you’ll slash your refunds by 50-80% while getting a TON of referrals and repeat sales. If you’re currently selling online courses or information products, this opportunity is unprecedented. But the lion’s share of the reward will go to those who understand what today’s learners want, and how they prefer to learn.

More and more, boring information just isn’t cutting it any longer.

My name is

Marisa Murgatroyd

& I’m an Online Education Expert

I teach people how to design and market a brand new kind of online program called an “Experience Product”…

that combines gamification, adult learning theory and the psychology of motivation to create an unforgettable experience that gets anywhere from 10-30x the industry-standard results for your customers… and your business.

And the best part? Is that anyone can do it.

I started my career as an artist who was told by my father that I had no marketable skills. I figured out how to build a multi-million dollar business anyway and showed over 12,000 students how to succeed online — many of whom also felt like they had “no marketable skills” or were told they couldn’t do it.

I’m on a mission to reinvent online education around the world so results and engagement become the norm and not the exception.

I’ve created three seven-figure-a-year experiencified product lines with record-breaking student engagement and results.

All in, I’ve sold over $40M in online courses and programs since I launched my first course in 2013.

I’ve shared my new approach to product creation at top industry events including Mindvalley Momentum, Evercoach Summit, LaunchCon, MFA Live, and Traffic & Conversion Summit (December 2020).

I’ve also supported dozens of industry leaders in integrating this methodology into their products to reduce refunds and increase sales and repeat sales including Josh Turner, Mary Morrissey, Jon Morrow, Alex Mandossian, Jesse & Sharla, Ocean Robbins, and many more.

I also co-founded Xperiencify, the world’s first fully gamified membership site software, with my husband Murray to make this methodology available to more course creators and companies.

Speaking Topics

I primarily speak about my proven Experience Formula methodology for creating online courses that get 10-30x more engagement and results.

Here are a few of my post popular interview and talk titles:

How to Get Your Students Addicted to Learning and Taking Action… Online

The New Online Education Goldrush: How “In the Know” Online Course Creators Are Making an Impact and a Fortune

The Experience Product™ Phenomenon: Discover the #1 Secret of the Bestselling Apps & Games to Design Super-Sticky Products that Sell Like Gangbusters and Get Your Customers Hooked on You

The 4 Most Powerful App & Game Techniques to Make Addictive Online Courses that Generate More Sales, Customers & Profits

The Secret to Lifetime Customer Value: How We Took Our Earnings Per Customer from $3 to $3000

How to Slash Your Online Course Refunds in Half While Doubling Repeat Sales

I also speak about other applications of the Experience Formula

How Gamifying Our Launch Lead to $1.5M in Sales (note: I prefer the word Experiencifying)

How Gamifying Our Blog 10x’d Our Traffic, Subscribers & Engagement… While Raising Beaucoup Bucks for Charity

How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals By Gamifying Your Life

What We’re Doing to Gamify Our Company Goals & Culture

Audiences Love Me!

“Marisa blew everyone away. Not only was my tribe taking furious notes, I was taking notes. Her content and style of training is unique, powerful and gets you moving. She created an experience with video, props and exercises that got our tribe super engaged and led had major breakthroughs.”

Ajit Nawakha


“I was amazed by the experience Marisa creates. Her audience walked in on Friday with the usual fears and doubts, and they walked out on Sunday being able to clearly articulate their message and speak it to a room. Rarely have I seen this level of real transformation at a business event.”

Natalie Ledwell


“Marisa provided a big “WOW” with her content and presentation. She’s innovative and brilliant and we could have let her speak for another hour, based on the response from the group. I HIGHLY recommend having Marisa on your stage if you want unique and engaging content that can change the face of learning in our industry”.

Sharla Jacobs


“Sending you a Big Thank You for yesterday’s contribution at our retreat. The client feedback was wonderful and your message was aligned with our theme all the way. You were able to make us see our message in a whole new light that brings excitement to our business and reminds us of who we really are.”

Carolin Soldo


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Michelle Falzon


“Marisa trained my team on Experience Products and they LOVED it! We’re definitely going to be applying what Marisa teaches in our business. I believe that Marisa’s work is going to be setting the trend for our entire industry. People don’t just want more information, they want experiences!”

Bill Baren


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