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Our Values

We can talk about what we do all day long but actions speak louder than words.

I believe that it’s important to work with mentors who align with your values — not just mentors who can give you good advice or take you where you want to go.

So what exactly are values?

Values are standards of behavior. And when you live by them they impact what you do and how you do it. As well as what you’ll never do.

Having a clear set of values helps keep you focused, clear and accountable to what matters most to you. As an entrepreneur, it’s so easy to get caught up with amazing new opportunities and partnerships that aren’t really in sync with your core values.

When you have a solid idea of what matters to you, most choices become obvious. Watch our free training on defining your business mission, vision and values here. And take a moment to read ours below…

mentors who can give you good advice

We get everyday entrepreneurs so excited about changing their lives that they stop dreaming and start doing.

We make it possible for anyone with a big message for the world to reach more people, make more money and have a bigger impact.

We do that by embodying the following 7 values:

Our 7 values, company values

Results Speak Louder Than Words

Customer success is the new marketing. When our students win, we win. Nothing else matters if we’re not getting real results for both our company and our customers.

Good Is the Enemy of Great

We believe that we’re ALL here to do great work. Not just go through the motions or “phone it in.” Greatness is not something we’re born with, it’s a choice we make each day.

Change Starts With Us

We understand that change starts with us. We’re coachable. We take full responsibility for both our actions and our attitude. We embrace mistakes as opportunities to learn, and get that real growth and transformation happens outside our comfort zone.

Business As Un(Usual)

We’re unmistakable in a market full of talking heads, copycats and surface-level solutions. We dare to be creative, playful, smart, provocative and vulnerable all at the same time — because best often means different.

Everyone Counts

Embracing what makes us different means embracing the different voices and perspectives on our team and in our tribe. Diversity and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords, they’re ways of being. We understand that every action is either an act of love or a cry for love.

Fun AF

While we take our work seriously, we bring fun to things other people may find serious, boring or routine. No meeting goes by without a smile or a laugh. Why be moody when you can shake your booty!

Live Your Message

We wake up every morning knowing that the work we do changes lives — both our students and our team. Work is both a calling and a call to adventure. We believe in what we do — beyond a paycheck — and it shows!

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