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My “Freak Out” Moment & the Secret to Success as an Entrepreneur

Last Friday afternoon I had a major “freak out”. With the clock ticking down to Message to Money LIVE (our biggest live event of the year), my team had come into my office to talk through ALL the logistics of the event. And 2 hours and 5 pages of details later, it hit me like a ton of bricks….

My Surprising Definition of Success

I was at a live event this weekend and the facilitator asked a seemingly simple but powerful question: “What is your definition of success?”

The question landed and took root. (It’s been a question I’ve been wrestling with the past few months.)

Someone piped up: “My definition of success is to make millions. Save millions. Help millions. And spend millions…” Sounds good, right? But that answer didn’t sit with me.

I couldn’t help asking myself, then what?

How to Discover TRUE Success by Identifying the Right Business Model for You

There comes a point in the journey of every successful entrepreneur where they ask themselves, “Is this it? Is this all?”

They’ve had the success. They’ve made the money. But they’re still not satisfied.

Beyond that, they’re burnt out. Exhausted. Tired of working day and night for something that’s no longer bringing them happiness.

The question is, what do you do when you hit this point?

How do you rebuild your business from the ground up in a way that will support you over the long-term?

Best-selling author and million-dollar business builder Alexis Neely had to go through divorce and bankruptcy to figure it out and now she wants to help other entrepreneurs discover their own path to financial liberation and personal sovereignty during our upcoming Online Business Superhero Summit.

Here’s Alexis’s story. I know it’s long but I definitely recommend that you tune-in.

The feedback we got from our tribe on this was amazing:

“Oh my God! We came for online business facts and we are getting life wisdoms, so moving and valuable.”