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You Can’t Do It All Yourself: Why Tribe is the Secret to Your Next Level of Success

Last year’s Mentorship students are graduating, so I wanted to do something special — I planned a boat trip graduation celebration out in Marina del Rey, near where we live.

Sounds great right? Well, not so fast.

I (perhaps foolishly?) planned it for the very next day after my yearly live event where I’d been on stage speaking for 12 hours a day, over three days.  Add onto that the fact that I’d been putting in14 hour days to prepare for the event for at least 2 months leading up.

Frankly, I was exhausted. And on top that, it was raining.  In fact, the “hundred year storm” had been predicted to hit that weekend. Ugh.  So getting on a boat, in the rain, with even more people, should have been the LAST thing on my list of things to do that day.

But these people were different.  

These people were about to graduate from my yearlong Mentorship program. I know their businesses. I know their goals and dreams and we share a common language around our values, beliefs & aspirations.  I supported them through their resistance, breakdowns and tough moments and I was there for their breakthroughs, and their inevitable successes.  And of course, we’ve had so much fun together along the way.

I love every single one of these people. They’re the core of the LYM family.  I call them my “tribe.”

Yes, the word tribe has become a little cliched over the past few years, but for me, its most powerful and true meaning is rooted in a beautiful African proverb I once heard that goes like this: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

To me, this is what tribe is all about.

When you attract a tribe based on shared values and beliefs, something magical happens. Some of the weight of “doing it alone” gets lifted off your shoulders.

You contribute to them with your expertise, skill, and above all care, and in return, they commit to helping you build a shared vision, helping you carry the load of everything you once did yourself.

Your tribe will promote you when you’re not there. They wear your Tshirts and talk to strangers in coffee shops about you. The bring their friends into your programs and your events — people who are just like them… people looking for that spiritual, supportive “home base” as they work toward their goals.

While I can’t begin to express this feeling in words, this video captures it. We filmed it on the boat – and it’s a minute and a half of pure fun and love that expresses the feeling of a group of people who have come together to celebrate and support each other to their highest expression.

This feeling of tribe is something you just don’t want to miss out on in your life. As they say, you’re the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most amount of time with…

Unfortunately, so many emerging entrepreneurs are surrounded by people who doubt, judge and criticize. People who don’t see their vision and what they’re moving towards.

I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs. Quite the opposite — and I had the distinct feeling that my authentic choices felt “scary” to my family. They just couldn’t see how me following my heart and building a business that expresses who I am would provide me with the safety and stability they wanted for me.

They encouraged me to go work for a “well-respected institution,” because that’s what they knew. Then, when my business faltered in our early stages of growth 5 years ago, they encouraged me to go back and get a job.

I did — and I was miserable. But the golden lining in all this is that that experience put the “nail in the coffin” of me ever going to work for someone else ever again.

It took learning the hard way for me to finally embrace this entrepreneurial journey… and finding a real tribe of people who “got me” and who I “got” too.

That tribe wasn’t my family or my old friends… It was a new group of people that had the courage and commitment to go for what they wanted even when the rest of the world didn’t understand.

That’s one of the biggest reasons why I’ve been so committed to creating the Live Your Message tribe.

I really hope that you have the opportunity to experience this deep unconditional support and acceptance as you grow your business, whether you create it for yourself or whether you come and join our tribe in a deeper way.

Whatever your goals, we’re here to help you achieve them — register here for a free  discovery call valued at $297 with one of our highly trained coaches. If you are ready to make a difference in the lives of many — way beyond what you currently see as possible, then we’re ready to help with a 1-1 private discovery call.

I hope to see you on that boat one year from now…

I can only guess how you’ll be feeling, the friendships you’ll have made, and what pose you’ll strike.

Here’s to your best year yet!

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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