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7 Content Marketing Examples That Stand Out in 2024

If you’re looking for content marketing examples that will work in 2024, here are seven top-notch ones you’ll want to check out. 

These brands have found ways to create content that captures attention and drives results — perfect for marketers looking for inspiration.

We’ll begin with an example that’s probably new to you…

1. Email Love screenshot

Email Love has curated a vast collection of email designs and content, drawing from various industries. 

In doing so, they’ve become the go-to spot for marketers and designers seeking inspiration for their email marketing campaigns.

Whether spotlighting unique strategies for event promotion or unveiling the secrets behind successful digital product launches, Email Love has a diverse showcase of how emails can engage audiences.

Why Email Love Works So Well

​​Email Love is a great content marketing example because it focuses on providing inspiration and education.

The platform offers plenty of design inspiration by curating a wide variety of email marketing examples.

Email Love organizes content into categories, trends and occasions, making it easier to search for relevant examples. Their streamlined navigation means users can quickly discover and adapt new ideas for their email marketing.

Email Love’s blog contains interviews with email marketing experts who share practical tips and insights from the field. These discussions turn Email Love into a must-visit hub.

What You Can Takeaway from Email Love

Content curation is a great way to help your audience. You point them towards content that addresses their needs and gives them something new to think about. 

It’s important to keep curated content well-organized so people can easily find what they need. 

Mixing in expert advice gives your content an extra edge, offering your audience practical tips they can use in their day-to-day or professional life.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social blog

Sprout Social’s blog is a well-executed example of content marketing. Sprout offers information on all aspects of social media marketing —from reputation management to strategies for boosting engagement.

But it’s not just the range of topics that sets Sprout Social apart. It’s also the way they present the information. They’ve organized their content by category so visitors can easily find what they need.

The Sprout Social blog also stands out for its user-friendly design. 

Each post features a clear table of contents, plenty of white space, informative screenshots and relevant graphics. 

This layout makes their content easy to understand and engaging, offering substantial value without filler, keeping readers hooked from the beginning to the end.

Each post ends with a clear call-to-action (CTA) and links to related content.

Why Sprout Social Works So Well

Sprout Social’s approach to content marketing through blogging is effective for a couple of reasons. 

First, their high-quality content firmly establishes their brand as an authority in social media and marketing.

Second, that authority builds credibility among potential users and drives organic search-engine traffic to their website. 

Third, given that individuals seeking advice on social media strategy are likely in the market for management tools, Sprout Social has positioned itself as the go-to solution.

What You Can Takeaway from Sprout Social

High-quality blog content can be a game-changer for your content marketing strategy.

Focus on addressing the issues and questions that concern your audience. Covering these topics can boost your organic traffic and solidify your reputation as an expert.

You’ll also build trust with your audience, which is crucial for attracting new customers and keeping them loyal. 

3. HubSpot

HubSpot screenshot

HubSpot’s content marketing strategy offers valuable resources for business owners, typically called content upgrades

These content upgrades aren’t generic resources. They’re highly targeted tools like ebooks, spreadsheets and templates designed to tackle the specific challenges business owners and marketers face.

The audiences benefit because these upgrades are very helpful — they contain actionable solutions that users can immediately implement. 

HubSpot benefits because the upgrades are a powerful engagement tool. How so? Keep reading.

Why HubSpot Works So Well

HubSpot requires users to provide their email addresses to access these resources. This not only grows HubSpot’s email list but also opens a direct line of communication for HubSpot to keep in touch with its target audience.

HubSpot’s approach also solidifies its authority in the digital marketing space.

Each resource they offer speaks to their expertise and commitment to helping businesses grow. 

That’s important when you’re in a marketplace crowded with software options. HubSpot stands out as the go-to resource if you want actionable advice and practical tools.

What You Can Takeaway from HubSpot

Dedicating time and effort to crafting free, high-quality resources for your audience can lead to significant returns on your investment.

When you offer valuable, usable content to your audience, they see your expertise. You also teach your audience to turn to you when they’re in need.

The key is to provide value upfront. By doing so, you’ll build trust and establish a solid foundation for long-term customer loyalty. 

Your generosity in sharing knowledge builds your reputation and makes your content a valuable asset.

4. GoPro

go pro youtube channel

GoPro has transformed itself from just another camera company to a symbol of adventure and storytelling, mainly through its innovative use of YouTube. 

The brand encourages its customers to share their GoPro-captured adventures on social media. 

By doing so, they’ve amassed a vast collection of user-generated content (UGC). Each video showcases the camera’s durability, versatility and ability to capture high-quality footage in real-world scenarios.

While a significant portion of its YouTube content is user-generated, GoPro also supplements its YouTube presence with detailed tutorials. 

These guides help users maximize their camera’s potential, guaranteeing they get the most out of their GoPro experience.

Why GoPro Works So Well

GoPro’s success on YouTube isn’t just about showcasing adrenaline-pumping adventures; it’s a well-rounded strategy that engages and educates its audience. 

At the heart of their success is UGC. User-generated content (UGC) helps users build a more intimate connection with a brand.

Additionally, GoPro uses its own high-quality, brand-produced videos to highlight the camera’s reliability and versatility. Viewers can see the full potential of GoPro cameras in action, capturing everything from mountain scaling to deep-sea diving adventures.

Then, GoPro makes its YouTube presence even better with educational tutorials. 

By helping users create better video content, GoPro is investing in the quality of future UGC, ensuring a cycle of content creation that keeps the community vibrant and growing.

What You Can Takeaway from GoPro

GoPro’s approach to content — focusing on storytelling and educational value — does more than draw viewers in. GoPro has become the essential tool for adventure-seekers. 

Connecting with your audience in that way builds a bond between your brand and its followers. You boost customer loyalty and transform everyday users into passionate advocates for your brand.

For any brand who wants to make an impact on YouTube, GoPro is an excellent example to follow. Their blend of educational and aspirational content is a blueprint for captivating and growing your audience.

5. Zara

zara page screenshot

Zara shines in the fashion world by embracing influencer marketing to spotlight its brand. 

Eschewing traditional advertising, Zara opts for collaborations with influencers whose chic and contemporary style mirrors its own. 

These influencers bring Zara’s fashion to life, integrating it into their daily lives and offering an authentic view far removed from staged photo shoots. 

This genuine approach to marketing allows Zara to display its collections in real-world settings, appealing to potential customers who are scrolling their social feeds. 

This authenticity-based strategy engages customers through genuine and relatable content.

Why Zara Works So Well

Zara’s influencer marketing strategy hits the mark for a few reasons.

First off, it’s all about authenticity. 

By choosing influencers who are genuine brand enthusiasts, the promotion feels natural, not forced. 

This authenticity is essential. Followers are more drawn to content that comes across as authentic rather than just another ad.

Next, Zara works with multiple influencers. Their clothing is seen in various settings, showcasing its adaptability and broad appeal.

Authenticity, coupled with diverse representations of the brand, plays a crucial role in keeping Zara’s audience captivated and helps the brand continue to attract new followers.

What You Can Takeaway from Zara

Influencer marketing isn’t just for the big brands or those in the fashion industry. It can work for small businesses, too.

When planning your product promotion, partner with influencers who already love and use your product. 

You want to keep it real. Audiences are quick to recognize when something doesn’t feel genuine, and authentic endorsements are infinitely more impactful than scripted advertisements.

Look for partnerships that help you connect with your target audience and stand out in a crowded market.

6. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling page

Acuity Scheduling welcomes new users with a carefully designed drip sequence for a seamless onboarding experience. 

What’s a drip sequence? It’s a set of automated emails that gradually introduce the software’s features, allowing users to get acquainted without feeling overwhelmed.

The journey begins with the basics — like how to set up a scheduling page. 

Then, as users grow more familiar with the platform, the emails guide them through more sophisticated functionalities, such as adding payment options and automating bookings. 

This step-by-step approach allows users to move forward gradually, avoiding overwhelm, a common frustration with complex products and services. 

Why Acuity Scheduling Works So Well

Acuity Scheduling’s success lies in its deliberate pacing strategy. 

A drip sequence builds user confidence early on. 

Then, as users get more comfortable, it gradually introduces them to more complex features. 

Each email is like a step up, guiding users toward mastering the platform. 

Acuity gradually introduces information, making sure users are ready for more complex features. This helps them fully utilize the software for their business.

What You Can Takeaway from Acuity Scheduling

If your product or service has many features or requires a bit of learning, a drip sequence can be a game-changer. 

Guide your customers through your offerings gradually. They avoid information overload and get to learn at a comfortable pace.

Breaking down the content into smaller, digestible pieces helps ensure users fully understand your product or service. 

The key is tailoring your communication to match your customers’ readiness to learn. 

Pay attention to feedback, and be ready to adjust your sequence to better fit their needs. This personalized touch can turn new users into loyal customers.

7. Joe Rogan

Page Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan started his podcast in December 2009 and has since created over 2100 episodes, amassing a vast library for content marketing. 

He’s repurposed this content across platforms like YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, customizing it to fit each platform’s audience and style, expanding his reach.

Rogan’s willingness to explore a wide range of topics, including those that spark debates, plays a big part in his success. 

His openness draws a diverse audience and sparks discussions across various platforms, helping to grow a large and varied listener base. 

Rogan’s direct approach to controversial topics has been crucial in making his name well-known.

Why Joe Rogan Works So Well

Joe Rogan’s podcast is successful for two reasons: he consistently delivers new content and doesn’t shy away from controversy. 

A regular release of new content means his listeners always have something fresh to tune into. Rogan also spreads his content across different platforms, reaching more people.

His willingness to tackle divisive subjects head-on keeps his audience coming back for more. Some agree with his views, others strongly oppose them, but all are engaged. 

This mix of steady content and daring discussions has built a dedicated and growing community of listeners.

What You Can Takeaway from Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan’s ability to engage audiences for hours highlights the importance of knowing your audience’s likes. 

While content marketing experts recommend shorter podcasts, Rogan has great success with hours-long discussions. He shows that captivating content will grow an audience, even if it contradicts conventional wisdom.

You don’t have to spark controversy to use Rogan’s approach. Instead, tackle common industry myths or offer unique perspectives. 

Making an impact doesn’t come from being the loudest. It comes from being the most insightful and thought-provoking.

What’s Your Favorite Content Marketing Example?

Reflecting on these examples, what’s your favorite?

Is there a great one I missed?

Let me know in the comments below!

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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