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How to Cure the “All or Nothing” Syndrome

I’ve seen hundreds of my best-intentioned students fall prey to what I call the “all or nothing syndrome”. They say to themselves: “I’ll build my business when I have time…” “I’ll focus on my business when I finish _________…” “I’ll work on my business when I’m feeling 100%…” I totally get it. This really matters … Read more

My 4-Step Guide to Reliable Business Growth, Increased Impact and Income

In the amazing adventure called “building a business”, I’ve discovered something that nobody talks about that can literally mean the difference between success and failure.

It’s the confusion between the 2 similar but separate ideas that don’t play well together AT ALL. It’s the difference between being a “committed person” … and making clear and specific commitments to outcomes and things you want.

Tell me if the following conversation sounds familiar…

Exactly What to Talk About (and When) to Build a Loyal Tribe of Repeat Buyers

It’s funny. Every year at around this time, we turn with renewed attention and focus to our business, and try to come up with “new” ways and means to find success.

But the truth is that the principles of success are remarkably simple and never change.

It seems funny to have to say it — and perhaps goes against all the “guru” advice out there — but you can have all the growth and success you want in your business if….

6 Secrets to Make the Impossible Happen, Daily…

“Marisa, what’s your secret?,” Deborah asked. I had just wrapped up teaching Your Offer in a Weekend on the heels of our big Message to Money Live event… Deborah had been at both events… she watched me give every ounce I had day-after-day, speaking, performing, coaching, facilitating… and she knew I was going to lead a VIP day with a client the very next day.

“Is this… normal… for you?,” so asked. I nodded. “How you give so much day after day without completely exhausting yourself? I get tired just watching you…” It’s a question I get a lot…

[Funny Email Templates] How (NOT) to Lose 80% of Your Business in a Single Interaction

Have you ever had a customer service experience that felt like fingernails dragging across a chalkboard?

Where the person you were speaking to stuck to a mindless script and was completely disempowered to make any real decisions?

Unfortunately this happens a LOT.

And research shows that 80% of prospects and customers are lost in a single interaction.

So let me ask you, what happens when a fan, prospect or customer emails your helpdesk or calls your office?

How long does it take them to get a response?

Does the tone, spirit and content of that response represent your company values and brand personality?

The larger your business grows, the more important it is to have your customer service dialed in.

Let me give you two quick personal examples of businesses that undermined their credibility with me in a matter of moments.

Then I’ll share 2 email templates for how to do it RIGHT. 🙂

Future Proof Your Business: What the City of Sin Can Teach You About Standing Out, Staying Relevant & Not Being Boring

Las Vegas is known as “The City That Reinvents Itself.”

No other city in America is constantly innovating like Vegas.

Almost every year the city brainstorms new ways to keep the visitors coming…

The result: tourism has fueled Las Vegas businesses for decades…

How ELSE would you build a thriving economy in the middle of the desert?

(And how do YOU build a thriving online business in the middle of an economic recession?)

So how EXACTLY does Las Vegas avoid the “been there, done that” syndrome, staying fresh and relevant generation after generation?

Why do the next generation of visitors continue to make the pilgrimage?

And why do first-time visitors return for more?

The answer contains a valuable lesson for online entrepreneurs who want to not only stand out in a crowded market today, but build a sustainable business that’s going to be around in 5 years… Rather than suffer the fate of once-popular tourist destinations like Atlantic City OR the 80% of businesses that fail within 5 years of opening.

You ready for it?

How to Find Your Unmistakable Voice in a Marketplace Full of Copycats (What Jackson Pollock Taught Me About Marketing)

I got up close and squinted. I could make out the figure of a man, pushing his tired horses through a mountain pass on a moonlit night under starry skies. If anything, it looked like it could have been a Van Gogh. Anyone but Jackson Pollock. And then Murray piped up: “Wow! Even someone as unmistakable as Jackson Pollock didn’t start out Jackson Pollock!”

That thought struck me, so that night I dug deeper into Jackson Pollock’s life…

And what I learned has completely shifted the way we market our business.

Jackson Pollock painted “Going West” in 1934. It was a solid work of art that’s still exhibited today, but it could have been painted by any talented artist of his generation… There was nothing about it that screamed Jackson Pollock…

And then, lightning struck.

How to Save Hours Every Day (and naturally be more productive) with this Simple Help Desk Strategy

If I were to do a quick poll of my audience and ask them what is the biggest time suck in your business, email would be right at the top of the list.

Probably followed by social media (but we’ll talk about that another time).

How many of you dread going away on a business trip or vacation and coming back to hundreds (if not thousands) of messages in your inbox?

Or simply waking up each morning to 50+ new emails that need answering?

Every single time we send a broadcast email to our list, we get dozens of responses from people thanking us, asking questions and…. sometimes complaining.

And we’re committed to answering all those messages – without checking email all day long and breaking focus on the more important tasks in our business.

So how do we do that?

How to Discover TRUE Success by Identifying the Right Business Model for You

There comes a point in the journey of every successful entrepreneur where they ask themselves, “Is this it? Is this all?”

They’ve had the success. They’ve made the money. But they’re still not satisfied.

Beyond that, they’re burnt out. Exhausted. Tired of working day and night for something that’s no longer bringing them happiness.

The question is, what do you do when you hit this point?

How do you rebuild your business from the ground up in a way that will support you over the long-term?

Best-selling author and million-dollar business builder Alexis Neely had to go through divorce and bankruptcy to figure it out and now she wants to help other entrepreneurs discover their own path to financial liberation and personal sovereignty during our upcoming Online Business Superhero Summit.

Here’s Alexis’s story. I know it’s long but I definitely recommend that you tune-in.

The feedback we got from our tribe on this was amazing:

“Oh my God! We came for online business facts and we are getting life wisdoms, so moving and valuable.”