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My 4-Step Guide to Reliable Business Growth, Increased Impact and Income

In this amazing adventure called “building a business”, I’ve discovered something that nobody talks about that can literally mean the difference between your ultimate success and failure.

Tell me if this conversation sounds familiar?

– Student: “Marisa, I just don’t get it. I’m a committed person. When I have a vision or a goal, nothing can stop me from achieving it. But I can’t seem to make any progress in my business.”

Me: “What have you committed to in your business?”

– Student: “I’m committed to growing my business.”

Me: “What does like look?”

– Student: “That looks like more customers and more money.”

Me: “How many more customers and how much more money?”

– Student: “Umm….”

And the conversation continues from there as my student realizes that they don’t have a specific goals or a clear vision for what they want in their business.

I know that you’re a passionate, smart person who’s absolutely committed to building your business, but when you don’t have that vision or plan in place, it’s tough (read: impossible) to know exactly what to do on a day-to-day level that will stack and compound to grow your business and help you achieve your goals.

It’s like trying to steer a ship without a rudder. You’re tossed and turned by the wind and the waves, get distracted, and never get to your destination, because your eyes are focused on the waves, not the horizon.

It’s easy to get stuck focusing on the “how” and “how to” before you’ve defined the “what” or the “why”.

My friend Sierra Sullivan calls this the “How Hole”.

Getting stuck in the “How Hole” is mistake that keeps your eyes focused on the waves instead of the horizon and will mean the difference between your ultimate success or failure.

And we all know people who’ve spent their entire lives stuck in the How How in one way or another without ever creating the life and business they really want.

They’re always working hard and taking action, but yet they never get anywhere because action alone doesn’t necessarily creating the life and business they desire.

So here’s my ultra-simple 4-step guide to reliable business growth, increased impact and a wonderful income:

1. Create a long term, big picture vision of where you’re going, and the goals you’re committing to reaching…

2. Know WHY you want it so you can continue to motivate yourself when you face the challenges and obstacles that will inevitably come up (that will take everybody else out of the game except you)

3. And once you have that, you need to create simple habits and structures around those commitments to keep you aligned with what you want – from scheduling to strategic planning

4. Then you’ll know EXACTLY the action you need to take each day to move toward the horizon

But how do you create that big picture vision? And how do you create the plan to get you there?

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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