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Challenges of Entrepreneurship: 10 Cold, Hard Truths You Need to Know About Before You Hit the Big Time

A lot of entrepreneurs think they need to hustle and push and burn the candle at both ends until they get to the high 6 or 7-figure income mark in their business… And when they get there, they’re done! They made it to Easy Street, so they get to sit back and relax, because everything’s … Read more

Taking Massive Action: 5 Steps to Creating Unstoppable Momentum in Your Business

Let’s try an experiment together 🙂 I’d love if you could answer this question: Are you ready to take massive action so you can move to the next level in your business (and in your life)? So what’s your honest answer? Was it a big, resounding, “air-punching” hell yeah! Or do you feel a little … Read more

How to Start with the End in Mind: Key Elements You Need to Achieve Your Biggest Business Goals and Your Greatest Vision

Years ago, I was part of a group of up and coming entrepreneurs and we were excited about learning how to run a successful, profitable online business from the leader of the group (he happened to be a world-famous entrepreneur). I clearly remember him asking, “Who wants to know how I got a million-dollar book … Read more

How to Pivot Your Small Business Strategy During COVID-19

made in crisis

You may have heard that if the earth goes up in smoke, only the cockroaches will survive. Well I believe the entrepreneurs of the world will be right there with them, along with everyone else who benefits from the vital services and innovations we provide.  Entrepreneurs have the essential qualities of resourcefulness and resilience that … Read more

Are You Starting a Movement or Launching a Product? The Answer Could Make (or Break) Your Business

starting a movement

So what would Gandhi or Greta Thunberg or Martin Luther King do if they were launching a product? They wouldn’t… they’d start a movement. Think about it… Greta and Gandhi and MLK didn’t “launch” an idea or a belief, they created a movement around their cause. And that’s one of the biggest reasons why they … Read more

Why Your Entrepreneurial Journey Isn’t Going the Way You Want it To (and What You Can Do About it)

In early February, I hosted a dinner party for a group of my friends who happen to be entrepreneurs (this was back during pre-Corona days… feels like a lifetime ago!). As the host I wanted to start a meaningful dinner party conversation, so I asked my guests to answer 3 questions that reflected how they … Read more

OMG, I’m 40! Insights from 4 Decades on Planet Earth

A lot of people stress out about the big birthdays — 30, 40, 50, and beyond… And I believe that’s a sign that something’s off. Something’s out of alignment. Because when you’re truly living your message, growing older feels like a gift. A celebration of what has been… and what’s to come. Think about it — … Read more

[Entrepreneurial Survival Kit] What To Do When The Sh*t Hits The Fan

In January, I was invited to join Plat Plus, an intimate Mastermind led by Jeff Walker for 50 of the top online business and internet marketing minds on the planet. It felt crazy to take 3 days out to attend the first meeting just 2 weeks before our big annual live event — Message to … Read more

The Power of Specialization in an Age of Generalists

Hey hey this is Marisa. I’m right outside of Sunny Blue, which is one of my favorites hole in the wall restaurants in Los Angeles. And what they serve is — get this — rice balls. That is all they serve as rice balls otherwise known as omosubi. Here’s the thing: when you think about … Read more

The Rise of Superman Review: Leveraging Your Challenge Skill Ratio to Achieve “the Impossible”

I just read a book called “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance” that I’d like to quickly review or, at the very least, introduce the #1 thing I learned from that book. Steve Kotler studied extreme sports athletes for a decade to understand how to reach flow, an optimal state … Read more