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7 Free Video Editing Softwares That’ll Save You Time (& Money)

You’re in the right place if you need the best free video editing software options. You want to produce professional-looking videos without breaking the bank. And with the right video editing software, your videos will engage your audience and help you reach your marketing goals. Video editing software can be expensive, but there are many … Read more

How to Build an Audience on YouTube Without Spending Money on Ads or Fancy Production

How to Build an Audience on YouTube

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to get my YouTube channel reviewed by Evan Carmichael.

He has 2.45 million subscribers and gets more daily views than Gary V and Brendon Burchard combined… without spending money on ads. 

How To Create an Online Course with Just the Right Amount of Content


Recently, someone asked me on Facebook, “Hey Marisa… how do you know how much is the right amount of content to put in your online programs, courses, masterminds, whatever you’re selling?” And I like to think of this as the 3 Little Bears Question: How do you put not too much or not too little … Read more

The Rise of Superman Review: Leveraging Your Challenge Skill Ratio to Achieve “the Impossible”

I just read a book called “The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance” that I’d like to quickly review or, at the very least, introduce the #1 thing I learned from that book. Steve Kotler studied extreme sports athletes for a decade to understand how to reach flow, an optimal state … Read more

It’s a Wrap on Message to Money LIVE 2015 — Our BEST Yet!

We just wrapped our latest 3-day live event — and the thank you notes & emails have been flooding in. People who were there say it was our best one yet! If you weren’t there, here’s a quick taste of what you missed in the words of one guest:

“I hate the words “life-changing” , “transformational” and “paradigm shift” because they are so overused, but there are no other words for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Click through to check out the Highlight Reel from the event, created by our fantastic event photographer Tasha Cooney!

Boost Your “Know Like and Trust” Factor: 6 Mindsets for Succeeding in Online Video and Public Speaking

In the age of Google, where anyone can look up anything, information is not enough. Information does not lead to transformation. You do. You make your information stand out with your energy, presence and vibrancy. It’s just as much about creating connection as it is about conveying content.

Your message needs a messenger. And the only way to find a messenger is to look in the mirror.

Online video and public speaking are the only two marketing activities that can’t be outsourced if you want to become the #1 Authority in Your Field. If you want to sell high-ticket items, your prospects need to know, like and trust you. And the only way for them to do that is by experiencing you.