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It’s a Wrap on Message to Money LIVE 2015 — Our BEST Yet!

We just wrapped our latest 3-day live event — and the thank you notes & emails have been flooding in. People who were there say it was our best one yet!

If you weren’t there, here’s a quick taste of what you missed!

Watch the Highlights Reel from Message to Money LIVE July 2015

Here’s Just Some of What You Missed

  • I revealed for the 1st time my brand new product funnel creation framework — the Message to Money Pathway. You’ve never visualized your product or service funnel in this way before, I guarantee it!
  • Attendees learned the fastest way to add $50K to their bottom line based on the skills, strengths & assets they already had…
  • Plus dozens and dozens of other gems…

Here’s what our guest, Jordan Murrin, had to say about his experience:

Jordan Murrin“I expected a very emotional and positive experience (having checked out your videos ahead of time) but I was frankly shocked with the amount of actionable material I received. Every session was more incredible than the last, and the Friday morning session literally blew my mind and I was a little shell-shocked the rest of the day. However, the cumulative effect was to open my eyes to a new vision of the world. I now have a specific goal, one I wouldn’t have without you. I hate the words ‘life-changing’ , ‘transformational’ and ‘paradigm shift’ because they are so overused, but there are no other words for it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


So check out the Highlights Reel right away to see what you missed out on, and while you’re there, grab your earlybird tickets for our next Message to Money LIVE on February 26-28, 2016!

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