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Moving Mountains with Quarterly Rocks: Why October 1st is your 4th & Last Chance to Make Big Things Happen This Year

We all get excited when January 1st rolls around. We create grand plans for the year to come. We create huge lists of what we’ll do and accomplish. Big goals and even bigger resolutions. – “I’m going to get into the best shape of my life!” – “I’m going to build my business to $100,000 revenue!” – “I’m going to … Read more

How Hard is it (Really) to Be an Entrepreneur?: The Myth of Work/Life Balance

So there are all kinds of expressions about how hard it is to be an entrepreneur, such as, “You only have to work half the day as an entrepreneur and you get to choose which half.” Or “an entrepreneur is someone who works 50-60 hours every single week for themselves so that they don’t have … Read more

To Be or Not to Be, That is the Question

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” It’s like this that Shakespeare opens Hamlet, his most famous play. I believe that it’s this exact question that either motivates or stops every entrepreneur each day as they sit down to work. Why? Well – while a conscious mind looks at a “to do” … Read more

“I’m Stuck”: How to Redefine the “S Word” & Reclaim Your Power

“I’m stuck.” With those two short words, I pulled you into a black hole of drama and despair. I didn’t mean to. That’s just one of the unconscious games people play with each other when they’re either looking for support or looking for validation that they are indeed stuck.

A Conversation With the Right Sensei is Worth More Than 10 Years Training With the Wrong

The other day a student posted this image quote on our Facebook group:  “A conversation with the right sensei is worth more than 10 years training with the wrong.” This really got me thinking about the truly great teachers I’ve had in my life (as well as the not-so-great)…   I thought back to Mr. … Read more