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How to Deal With Haters & Complainers [+ Free Email Template]

Can you remember exactly where you were the last time you heard something that changed your life forever?

For me, it was sitting in an audience listening to a lady named Marcia Weider.

She walked on stage and proceeded to give a tour du Force performance full of the energy that only a very small woman can have ;)…

And then she came out with a completely unforgettable gem that changed me completely:

“In business you got to toughen your skin and soften your heart.”

I took that in and have been allowing it to guide me in my business ever since.

Courage like this is powerful enough to transform those who witness it.

It’s also strong enough to change the world.

But there’s also a downside…

Photo Courtesy of Leticia
When you open your heart and speak your message, it will threaten those who aren’t yet ready to hear it.

The moment you begin to truly express your heart in your business, you’ll start to get negative, judgmental emails…

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Rock-Solid Commitment (Part 1)

“How strong is your commitment?”

It’s not a question we ask ourselves a lot…

But… it’s on my mind today.

I just finished a 19-day no-salt, no-sugar, no-meat, no-dairy cleanse and I’m preparing my first “normal meal” in weeks.

Yep. Nothing tasty for 19 days. :-))))

19 days of raw food, juice and salad.

We went on a business trip. And I stuck to my cleanse. (Not too hard considering airport food)

We were out to eat with friends in Oakland, and they tried again and again to tempt me away from my juice, but for some reason I just wasn’t interested.