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Taking Massive Action: 5 Steps to Creating Unstoppable Momentum in Your Business

Let’s try an experiment together 🙂

I’d love if you could answer this question:

Are you ready to take massive action so you can move to the next level in your business (and in your life)?

So what’s your honest answer? Was it a big, resounding, “air-punching” hell yeah!

Or do you feel a little less enthusiastic? Maybe your answer is “yes” but you’re feeling some doubt and uncertainty?

If that’s you, don’t worry… you’re not alone.

For most people, the idea of making their goals a reality can bring on a serious case of the jitters and the thought of taking “massive” action can quickly spiral into fear and overwhelm.

Next thing you know, they’re on the couch binge-watching Love Island, their big dreams pushed to the back of their mind…

And it’s all over even before it has a chance to begin.

The Massive Action Manifesto

The “massive action for massive results” philosophy has been making the rounds — especially in entrepreneurial circles — for years now.

It’s thrown around a lot by coaches and mentors and marketers and most people are drawn to it because at some level we all know it works.

Deep down, we know massive action equals massive results and we know taking massive action leads to exponential momentum in life and business.

And so a lot of entrepreneurs try their best.

They take massive action creating products and service packages.

They take massive action marketing, promoting and selling.

They take massive action “being visible” and “putting themselves out there.”

But most people never get what they want and they never get to see the “massive results” they’re hoping for.

And it’s because long before they get to where they want to go, long before they get to those big goals, and dreams,

They get bone tired, burned out, bummed out… and they give up.

So, what’s the deal?

Is “taking massive action” some kind of fantasy that’s not for ordinary mortals?

Do you have to be superhuman, or larger than life (or Tony Robbins!) to take massive action on a consistent basis?

The answer is no. You don’t have to be any of those things to make it work…

And I’m living proof of that.

5 Smart Steps to Taking Massive Action

If we met in person I’m going to go ahead and guess you’d probably be surprised to see that I’m small…

And I mean really small. Tiny, actually (I’m four foot eleven and a quarter).

I’m usually the smallest adult-person in any room and as you can imagine, I could get self-conscious about this and start to think “I’m too short or I look too young”or “I’m not going to be taken seriously.”

But I don’t let any of that stop me because it’s all mind chatter and I believe — down to my soul — that anyone can be successful if they’re willing to do the work.

And you don’t have to be the tallest person in the room to be larger than life and you can create massive results no matter who you are and what you do.

So if you know me at all, you know I’m not afraid of taking massive action to create extraordinary results…

And over the years, I’ve come up with a step-by-step formula that’s pretty much foolproof for stepping into action…

And it all comes down to what I like to call the “one step at a time” mindset.

So taking massive action feels overwhelming and intimidating for most people because they’re trying to do it all in with one giant leap.

Big mistake.

Massive action that leads to massive results comes from taking tiny steps and moving forward, a little at a time.

And so I’m sharing my 5-step formula to taking massive action the smart way and it will help you learn how to create a “massive action” plan that works in your business.

I recommend that you try it on for size 🙂

This 5-step formula is based on our in depth Experience Formula. it’s something we teach over at Live Your Message (it’s how we help students get radically greater results in their life and business) 

Ready for it? Let’s dive in!

Step #1: Find Clarity

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of Step #1 I want to talk about goals vs missions.

So at Live Your Message we don’t go for “goals” in the traditional sense… what we do is we create a mission or a series of missions and it’s something we teach all our students.

A big reason we use “Mission” instead of goal is because Mission has action baked into it.

A goal, on the other hand, can feel stagnant or inactive and out of reach.

Think of it this way…

“Your goal should you choose to accept it” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “your mission should you choose to accept it” 🙂

So you might have guessed that our decision to go with “Mission” comes from the Mission Impossible movies where Tom Cruise gets his secret, self-destructing communique to do something near impossible. Then he gets into action and does it.

If you’ve watched any of the movies (or the original TV series from the ‘60s) you’ll know that these Missions could involve anything from penetrating a highly secured archive inside the Kremlin to preventing a viral outbreak that could destroy the world. 

So like Tom Cruise, we want to turn our objective and goals into missions that make the impossible feel possible.:-) 

One of the biggest secrets to doing this is to phrase your Mission in a way where you KNOW when you’ve hit it and there’s crystal clarity with room for doubt or ambiguity.

You must have a clear and motivating finish line or the whole thing breaks down!

So creating a Mission involves coming up with a clear statement that describes your destination or where you want to be in a particular area of your life or business (you can find out more about our overall philosophy of creating a Mission, in my previous post — check it out here).

What you want to do is create a crystal, clear Mission that gives you laser-sharp focus.

And this is about identifying exactly where you want to be in your business a year, two years or 5 years from now.


Your mission must motivate you through all sorts of obstacles and challenges.

It needs to inspire you toward a single-minded purpose.

Some of our students find it helpful to think of their Mission as a “treasure hunt” or “quest” (think Lord of the Rings and Frodo Baggins destroying the ring in the fires of Mordor). 

Something else you need to do to get maximum clarity…

Create a sense of urgency and this means having a “deadline” of some sort.

So a powerful, actionable Mission that includes urgency could be something like “build a 6-figure online business in 4 years” or “write a book and self-publish in 6 months.”

Whatever you do, don’t ditch the deadline because a Mission minus urgency is as good as no Mission at all (in other words something like “start an online business” is pretty much useless!)

Having that timeframe be part of your Mission triggers a sense of urgency that will continue to inspire and motivate you even when you’re facing major obstacles and challenges along the way.

Step #2: Go for the Stretch

The next step to taking massive action is incredibly important and it’s about getting honest with yourself.

So you need to take a look at the Mission you came up with in step #1 and ask yourself…

Is this a stretch for me?

Let’s look at one of the Missions I mentioned in Step #1 — “build a 6-figure online business in 4 years.”

So you need to get real and ask yourself if it feels like a stretch.

If it doesn’t, keep tweaking and updating until it starts to feel a little uncomfortable.

You want to get to the point where you can feel yourself break into — just a bit — of a sweat, when you think about it.

So if “build a 6-figure business in 4 years” feels easy, maybe you need to go for a “sweat-inducing” 6-figures in 3 years or even 2 years 🙂

Basically, your mission needs to be at the edge of your comfort zone and if you’re feeling brave… way outside your comfort zone.

And there’s a reason for this…

Research shows that we need to be out of our comfort zones by 4% to create flow — not too much, not too little, but just right (check out this post for deeper insights on the “4% rule” and the Challenge Skill Ratio)

We’re at our best as humans, we’re in the flow, we’re feeling drawn forward when our challenge level is 4% higher than our skill level. 

That’s the sweet spot where you feel challenged yet capable at the same time.

Step #3 Aim for Constant Wins

Massive action demands massive commitment, follow through and perseverance.

And one of the biggest mistakes most people make when it comes to taking massive action is to rely on mental strength and willpower to carry them through to the end.

So recent studies show that willpower is a finite resource and we gradually deplete our willpower over the course of a day.

That’s why relying on willpower to get us through difficult or major tasks over weeks, months and years, simply isn’t going to work.

So what do you need to do instead?

Break down your bigger mission into smaller, doable chunks so you can experience what I call “constant wins.”

Constant wins work like consistent mini “motivational boosters” that can help you overcome fear and overwhelm as you go for your big Mission.

For example…

You could decide that for every sale over $1K that you make en route to your Mission, you get to celebrate or do something special to mark the occasion.

With constant wins you’ll stay on the path of consistency and persistence so you can keep taking action every day until you can make that Mission a reality.

Otherwise it will start to feel like your Mission is just too far away, too out of reach or too “impossible” 🙂

When that happens, you risk getting into “why bother” mode and you’ll probably throw in the towel long before you get to the finish line.

Step #4 Take Action Every Day

To me, taking massive action is about creating momentum and the only real way to do that is to take action not just today, tomorrow and the next day…

But every single day.

So your daily action could be directly or indirectly related to your mission.

For instance if your mission is to build a 6-figure online business in 4 years, your task for today could be something like writing a social media post to market your services.

And tomorrow, it could be to meditate for 10 minutes so you can feel refreshed and energized when you get to your computer.

Basically step #4 is like rocket fuel for all the other steps.

Because getting clear on your mission, stretching yourself outside your comfort zone and creating constant wins isn’t enough to get you to where you want to go.

You need to build unstoppable momentum and here’s an example of how I do this…

When there’s a launch at Live Your Message, we create a visual whiteboard of sales on a day-to-day basis at LYM HQ (read: my home office ;-)).

And there’s an incredible amount of satisfaction that I feel when I get to fill out a new bar in the graph and watch my sales leap forward and upward. 

It’s a small thing in and of itself but it creates major excitement and energy and enthusiasm…

And it gives me the motivation, the courage and the adrenaline to keep going for bigger goals 🙂

Step #5 Normalizing Challenges

Normalizing challenges happens to be core experience #5 in our Experience Formula and it’s basically about preparing for set-backs.

True business mastery is not about eliminating problems and obstacles, it’s about anticipating them and putting in place the systems you need, to be prepared for the set-backs, rather than blindsided by them. -Tony Robbins

So, whether that’s physical, mental or emotional systems, it’s easiest to face challenges when you’re prepared for them.

As they say, everyone falls off the wagon (or horse!) at some point — it’s about how quickly you can get back on. And that’s why you need to normalize challenges by having a clear plan for what you can do when you do fall off.

Your plan could include a list of people in your network you’ll approach for advice and input and as Tony Robbins says, it’s good to break that down to physical, emotional and mental support and systems (I’d also add business expertise to the list).

So normalizing challenges helps you get back on that wagon at record speed because you’ll already have a clear idea on how to make that happen as quickly and as painlessly as possible.

Dissolving Your Fears

As I said before…

Taking massive action so you can create massive results can feel intimidating.

And it can bring up a lot of fears, doubts and limiting beliefs that get you stuck…

Things like believing you need to have to have a ton of money saved up or thinking you lack experience, or you’re too old or too young or there aren’t enough opportunities.

I’ve also heard people say…

“I need to have clarity before I get business training or mentorship” or “I need to show myself I can make money before I get training or mentorship” when the purpose of training and mentorship IS to help you get clarity and start making money fast!

So here are 2 things I like tell my students and clients when it comes to overcoming fears and doubts and limiting beliefs:

  1. Understand that everybody has them and it’s totally normal
  2. Look for evidence of success

Here’s what I mean…

When you know that your fears and doubts and you know they’re part of the journey to creating the life and business you want…

It helps shift your focus and you get to hold your attention on what you do have and what you can do versus what you don’t have and what you can’t do.

And when you focus on looking for evidence of success — evidence that you’re on the right track — you’ll find that you can stay motivated and keep taking massive action and keep moving forward even when things get tough.

The truth is anyone can take massive action and create massive results in their business.

But a lot of people don’t do it because they jump too far ahead. 

So if your mission is to win a gold medal at the Olympics it’s not about jumping ahead to getting that medal…

It’s about aiming to get yourself to the gym or pool, or whatever it happens so you can work out for however many hours, it takes every single day.

And that’s how you become an Olympic athlete and stand a fighting chance of getting your hands on that gold.

And so this idea of massive action is really about getting clear about your Mission and having a sense of urgency, aiming for small constant wins, building unstoppable momentum with daily action, and normalizing challenges so it all comes together in a way that leads to massive breakthrough success… again and again.

It’s basically the Snowball Effect, which is about how a snowball starts small at the top of the mountain, rolls down, and starts to gather snow until it gets bigger and bigger and becomes unstoppable.

And sometimes, people use the snowball metaphor to highlight how challenges and obstacles that start small can keep getting bigger and badder…

But I like to think of the Snowball Effect as something that can be used for good 🙂

And that’s when you use small steps, small actions patiently, consistently and add a “little more snow” to the snowball until it gets to the stage where you’re constantly taking massive action and you’re unstoppable…

And you get to achieve your biggest, boldest, baddest mission for your business!

But you don’t have to go it alone… because during my 3-day business-building event — Live Your Message LIVE — you’ll leave knowing exactly what to say, do and sell next to grow your business FAST!

Grab your ticket and I’ll see you on Zoom March 1-3!

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