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Try This for Just 30 Days to Experience Deeper Rejuvenation (& Produce Better Work!)

This post is based on a book that changed my life this year… Deep Work by Cal Newport (I highly recommend you read it if you haven’t yet). I read this right after Live Your Message LIVE in March when I was experiencing just pure cellular exhaustion. I couldn’t do it anymore… all of the … Read more

25 Great Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


Buying gifts for small business owners and entrepreneurs isn’t easy… sometimes, it’s downright difficult. But I’ve got you! I’ve crafted this carefully curated list of great gift ideas for small business owners that’ll make your businesses-owning loved ones grin from ear to ear. Ready to become a gift-giving guru to the entrepreneurs in your life? … Read more

What’s in My Tech Go Bag? The Art of Working From the Road

I thought I’d let you know what’s in my tech go bag because my husband Murray and I recently sold our house. And I gotta be honest; I was freaked out about how I could run two successful online companies from the road and maintain my productivity. So, after a few iterations, I’ve finally found … Read more

How to Write SMART Goals: Definition, Tips & Examples (Set Yourself up For Success in 2023)

Want to get out of the self-defeating cycle of setting goals but not following through? It’s time to learn how to write SMART goals. But you don’t have to scour the world wide web or figure it out all alone. Because in this post, I’ll teach you about SMART goals, show you how to write … Read more

What is Entrepreneurship? Definition, Examples & FAQ for 2024

What is entrepreneurship? What’s an entrepreneur? And what in the world is an entrepreneurial mindset? In this post, we’re going to tackle the common questions people have about entrepreneurship. We’ll also look at well-known examples of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship statistics you need to know and more. Let’s dive right in. What is Entrepreneurship? At its most … Read more

10 Amazing Pitch Deck Examples (From Legendary Startups!)

Are you putting together your pitch presentation for potential investors? Then, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve gathered 11 excellent pitch deck examples for you from legendary startups. Below you’ll find decks from companies of various sizes and industries. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from outside your niche. ALL 11 of these have … Read more

How to Grow and Scale a Business

Just like we need food, oxygen and water to survive, your business needs money, customers and support. And most people who want to grow and scale their business focus on what they want instead of what their business needs. But when you shift your focus to what your business needs, you’re able to take this longer-term view that sets you up for success — not just now — but in the future. 
Scaling your business is about taking the ceiling off, so you can continue to grow, and your business can continue to grow beyond your limits, beyond what you’re capable of doing on your own. And to do that, you’ve got to take consistent strategic action. So how can you take the ceiling off your business and grow and scale beyond what you thought was possible? By taking these 5 actions.

Looking to Build Your Own Startup Website? 20 of the Best Startup Websites (Examples to Wow & Inspire)

First of all… if you haven’t built your website yet, these 20 startup website examples should get you excited and motivated to start today! So what makes a great startup website? Well, the best startup websites grab the user’s attention by thinking about the needs of their target market.  What experience do you want visitors … Read more

How to Deal With Haters & Complainers [+ Free Email Template]

Can you remember exactly where you were the last time you heard something that changed your life forever?

For me, it was sitting in an audience listening to a lady named Marcia Weider.

She walked on stage and proceeded to give a tour du Force performance full of the energy that only a very small woman can have ;)…

And then she came out with a completely unforgettable gem that changed me completely:

“In business you got to toughen your skin and soften your heart.”

I took that in and have been allowing it to guide me in my business ever since.

Courage like this is powerful enough to transform those who witness it.

It’s also strong enough to change the world.

But there’s also a downside…

Photo Courtesy of Leticia
When you open your heart and speak your message, it will threaten those who aren’t yet ready to hear it.

The moment you begin to truly express your heart in your business, you’ll start to get negative, judgmental emails…