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25+ Best Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners in 2024

Finding great gifts for the small business owner in your life isn’t easy.

In fact, sometimes it can be incredibly difficult.

That’s why I’ve crafted this carefully curated list of the best gift ideas that’ll make your business-owning loved ones, both young and old, grin from ear to ear.

Ready to become a gift-giving guru to your favorite business owner?

We’ll start with a few unique gift ideas before diving into more practical ones…

1. A Tabletop Zen Garden

zen garden

When’s the last time you saw a mini zen garden on someone’s desk?

These make fantastic gifts because they help relieve stress and encourage creativity.

They’re also a great way to disconnect from a busy business for a few minutes and reconnect with the simple things.

Plus, they’re super-affordable and a way better gift than a boring coffee maker

2. A Standing Desk

Anyone who owns a small business knows what it’s like to feel the aches and pains in their back and hips because they’ve been sitting all day.

A standing desk helps curb these issues by adding more activity to otherwise sedentary tasks.

If you give a standing desk, don’t forget to include an anti-fatigue mat — these are a lifesaver for feet and knees!

3. Smart Mug

A coffee machine is a cliche and overdone gift.

But a temperature-controlled mug? 

Now, that’s a different story.

If you know someone that lives for a hot coffee, but they’re always so darn busy they never get the chance to drink it, then they’ll love a smart mug.

4. An Ergonomic Keyboard & Mouse

Repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome are common computer-related injuries in the digital age.

That said, an ergonomic keyboard and mouse can reduce the strain on wrists and forearms, preventing painful injuries.

Keep in mind, the design of ergonomic keyboards and mice takes a little getting used to and certainly isn’t for everyone.

5. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

noise canceling headphones

Ah, the gift of silence.

Given the hustle and bustle of the business world, slapping on a pair of noise-canceling headphones and diving into deep work is a slice of paradise.

There are tons of choices and styles for noise-canceling headphones (and at varying prices), so be sure to do your research.

6. A Quality Webcam

A 1080p or 4k webcam is the perfect gift for that special someone that spends any amount of time in online meetings. Surprisingly, a mid-range webcam isn’t too expensive either, even at 4k resolution.

Online Zoom or Teams meetings aren’t going anywhere. Unfortunately, not every workstation is equipped with a high-resolution webcam.

And the last thing any business owner wants during video client meetings is to look like a garbled blob, so helping them look their best is a gift that’ll be appreciated.

7. Business Books

Any budding entrepreneur will probably love cracking open the latest business books for advice, motivation or inspiration.

Keep your eyes peeled for highly-rated titles or classic gems your entrepreneurial friends and family members are sure to enjoy.

Check out my list of underrated books for entrepreneurs.

8. Whiteboard


Never underestimate the power of a whiteboard.

Where some might see it as another surface to jot down their grocery list, your business-owning buddies could see a blank canvas for planning their big ideas.

9. An Ebook Reader

Ebooks readers are the perfect gift for someone who consumes books regularly but whose bookshelves have run out of room.

Convenient, compact, and capable of storing thousands of titles, ebook readers are an amazing gift, no matter how you slice it.

10. A Quality Pen Set

pen set

You may be thinking:

“Pens are gifts you give to writers, bankers or Bic enthusiasts!”

Not quite.

A quality pen (or pen set) is a classy and practical gift that many business owners appreciate too.

Imagine gifting a posh-looking fountain pen reserved for signing contracts or client agreements. Who wouldn’t want that?

11. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Blue light from digital devices can cause eye strain, headaches and even disrupt sleep.

If you know someone that works in front of a computer or tablet all day, a pair of blue light blocking glasses will likely pique their interest.

12. A Quality Notebook/Journal


You can never go wrong with gifting a notebook.

It’s a classic, practical gift for writers, artists, business owners, or anyone who feels compelled to sketch their thoughts (or doodles) down on paper.

Whether it’s for recording brilliant or just journaling the events of the day, one way or another, if you give someone a notebook, they’re going to use it.

13. A Fitness Tracker

Do you know someone who’s step-obsessed? 

Then, a fitness tracker might be right for them.

Sometimes, entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in what they’re doing that they forget to take time for their health.

A fitness tracker is a fun way to encourage more activity and lead a more balanced life.

14. A White Noise Machine

The soothing sound of white noise helps maintain focus and relieve anxiety and stress — they also help with falling asleep.

Ask your entrepreneur friends if any of them sleep with a fan at night. If they answer yes, then a white noise machine could be their most beloved gift this year.

15. Promotional Items/Branded Merchandise

Custom-made promotional items like water bottles, bags, koozies and notepads are a great way to show support for the aspiring entrepreneur in your life. It can help them build their personal brand too.

If they already have a particular piece of promotional/branded merchandise, think outside the box and find an item they don’t have.

For example, a gym bag or a jacket embroidered with their company logo.

Check out this custom collection of apparel and gifts.

16. A Bluetooth Speaker

Know someone who owns a shop that could use some background music to set the mood?

Or maybe they’re a solopreneur who works better with some tunes or an audiobook playing. 

If so, a bluetooth speaker is probably the right gift for them!

17. A Personalized Letter Opener

letter opener

A letter opener is one of those things where you wonder how you went without it once you have it.

Of course, the person you’re gifting the letter opener to will probably feel the same way.

Add a touch of thoughtfulness by getting the letter opener personalized.

Seriously, this is a super-practical and underrated gift, especially when you think about the amount of mail a small business receives!

18. A Custom Desk Nameplate

Nothing quite says you’ve made it in the business world like a custom nameplate.

The great part about this gift is that it can be as serious or cheeky as you want.

You can play it safe and get someone’s name on it, or you can fold some humor into the mix and get a nickname or funny title printed.

19. Leather Coasters

A set of leather coasters screams luxury — and you can get them at a fairly reasonable price (and with a custom design).

Imagine how classy your entrepreneur friend or family member will feel placing a custom leather coaster in front of a client after grabbing them a drink.

That’s the sort of style you’d see Don Draper from Mad Men pull off.

20. An External Hard Drive

Even though most people save everything to the cloud these days, having an external hard drive to back up vital documents is an excellent habit to have.

Even 2 TB external hard drives are pretty cheap, and they’re often on sale too.

Plus, they’re practical and fit in the palm of your hand, perfect for people that can’t stand large, space-hogging devices. 

21. An Ergonomic Office Chair

ergonomic chair

A good ergonomic office chair isn’t the cheapest thing on this list, but it’s something everyone should have.

Depending on the industry, a business owner could spend many hours sitting at a desk.

And while standing desks are great options, it’s also nice to sit in a comfy chair too.

With an ergonomic chair, you’ll help avoid back and hip strain — and that’s the real gift here.

22. Microphone


Have you ever listened to someone on a Zoom call that sounded like the teacher from Charlie Brown?

It’s not pleasant for anyone.

Give your entrepreneurial friends the gift of a clear voice for their online meetings with a quality microphone (this pairs well with a new webcam).

23. A Portable Charger

Portable chargers/power banks are among the most useful gifts for entrepreneurs who are always on the move. 

Phone almost dead? 

Tablet battery in the red?

Not a problem. Plug them into the portable charger and juice up.

It’s a simple gift, but it has a lot of utility.

24. Lighting (For Online Meetings)

A good lighting setup is an excellent and underrated gift that makes a huge difference when it comes to looking professional on video. 

So, if you’re looking for that outside-the-box gift that no one else will ever think of, this might be it!

25. Smart Daily Planner

Between the old school “pen and paper” and the newfangled scheduling apps on your phone lies the perfect blend of old and new: a smart daily planner.

A Rocketbook planner lets you enjoy the feel of writing on pen and paper but with the added convenience of modern digital connectivity.

You can reuse pages over and over by erasing your writing with water. And when there’s an important meeting or to-do you’d like to keep, the Rocketbook app allows you to scan your handwritten notes and upload them to the cloud.

It’s the best of both worlds!

26. A Gift Card

gift card

Sometimes the person you’re buying for either has everything, or they don’t want anything.

And desperate times call for desperate measures.

Instead of giving yourself an ulcer, wondering what to give this impossible-to-buy-for-business-owner, get them a gift card to their favorite store and let them spoil themselves silly.

What Are Your Fave Gifts for Small Business Owners?

I’ve given you over 25 interesting and fun gift ideas for the small business owners in your life — and not one of them was a gift basket or that poster of a cat saying “Hang in There.”

Are there any others I missed?

What is a fantastic, crowd-pleasing gift you’ve given to a business owner or entrepreneur in your life?

Let me know!

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Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Melanie Clarance Avatar
    Melanie Clarance

    Great gift ideas.

    I would add: A 10 ft. Lightning charger cord with a gorgeous woven knot at the end so it can rest without falling from a table.

    A Zero Water filter.

    Turkey tail mushrooms (study Paul Stamets TedMed talk).

    1. Shannon Goodell Avatar
      Shannon Goodell

      Great suggestions, thanks for sharing!

  2. Eivind Andersen Avatar
    Eivind Andersen

    If only I could, I would add an extra hour per day for them.

    1. Shannon Goodell Avatar
      Shannon Goodell

      That would definitely be the greatest gift, Elvind! Thanks for reading… I know Marisa appreciates it!

  3. Nicole Gebhardt Avatar
    Nicole Gebhardt

    One of the coolest #pun gifts we ever got was an assortment of Jeni’s ice cream flavors. The family loved that one. I love to get and send great books, as mentioned. We used to send new clients a subscription to SUCCESS magazine – which was a nice recurring gift.

    1. Shannon Goodell Avatar
      Shannon Goodell

      Love these, Nicole. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sandra Avatar

    Loved it Marisa 👏

    1. Shannon Goodell Avatar
      Shannon Goodell

      Thanks Sandra! I know Marisa greatly appreciates it 🙂

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