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Money Warp: How To Create As Much Money As You Need On A Daily Basis (Try this)

The other day I got on the phone with one of our community members. Let’s call her Sue. Sue told me she was desperate for 1-1 coaching but she didn’t have the money for it.

She wasn’t interested in any other options for support. She was clear she wanted private time with me, but she couldn’t pay for it. So we had a dilemma. Sue wanted something that she couldn’t afford. And the conversation stopped there.

Here’s what happened next…

Time Warp: How To Create As Much Time As You Need On A Daily Basis (Try this)

How can Richard Branson possibly run over 400 companies?

Well, the other day I was traveling with my friend Natalie Ledwell. Just like me she’s into positive thinking, body hacks, nutrition and all the ways to bend time and do more… while enjoying more. (Yes it’s possible!)

She shared with me her personal strategy. And it goes like this…