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1 Simple Sales Page Tip to Instantly Add 25% More Sales

You probably know by now that here at Live Your Message we’re obsessed with conversion…

We’re obsessed with the question: How do we inspire more action and more sales with the same amount of traffic? How do we get off the traffic and marketing treadmill and better serve the people who are already coming to us?

Because that’s how we as business owners go beyond what I call a “one-second-stand” – the ultra-brief love affair most people have with their visitors before they bounce – so we can deepen our relationship with you.

You’re our reason for being.

If you don’t say yes to subscribing to our newsletter and investing in our programs, then we can’t be of service. We can’t contribute to you and we definitely can’t transform your life with what we do…

I imagine you’re reading this because you want to move more people into action and inspire more people to say yes to working with you.

That’s why I wanted to share this one super-simple sales page tip for instantly adding up to 25% more sales to any webinar or launch you do.

Do What Works: 5 Web Analytics that Will Change Your Business Forever

The 80/20 rule famously states that 80% of your results come from just 20% of your efforts. Yet most of us keep wasting time on activities that produce little to no ROI, because we don’t know where we’re sweating for no reason and where we’re striking gold.

Luckily, that uncertainty is not true on the Internet. Metrics show you exactly what’s working and what’s not, so you can laser focus your efforts on getting more results. If you get into the habit of checking your metrics weekly, you can start to see the results of your Internet marketing activities in real time and track the trends over a month or two.

That’s amazing. Think about it. How many times in life can you instantly see where you’re struggling and how your efforts have paid off?  Then adapt and refine? Imagine pitching your project to a key partner and being able to know what word convinced them to move forward with you.

That’s exactly the kind of information you can discover…