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1 Simple Sales Page Tip to Instantly Add 25% More Sales

You probably know by now that here at Live Your Message we’re obsessed with conversion…

We’re obsessed with the question: How do we inspire more action and more sales with the same amount of traffic? How do we get off the traffic and marketing treadmill and better serve the people who are already coming to us?

Because that’s how we as business owners go beyond what I call a “one-second-stand” – the ultra-brief love affair most people have with their visitors before they bounce – so we can deepen our relationship with you.

You’re our reason for being.  

If you don’t say yes to subscribing to our newsletter and investing in our programs, then we can’t be of service. We can’t contribute to you and we definitely can’t transform your life with what we do…

I imagine you’re reading this because you want to move more people into action and inspire more people to say yes to working with you.

That’s why I wanted to share this one super-simple sales page tip for instantly adding up to 25% more sales to any webinar or launch you do.

Over the last 6-months we’ve been perfecting the art of sales page design on our own pages and on our clients pages and this one tactic has given all our sales pages a massive boost.

Here it is: Add a Live Chat window to EVERY sales page and make sure you have someone available to “woman the chat” around your cart close.

Photo by Madeline Masarik

We just held a webinar last week for Bill Baren’s tribe and a full 25% of our customers reached out to us with questions on live chat first. Many of them reached out in the last few hours of our Sunday midnight cart close…

If we didn’t have the Live Chat option and weren’t at our computers to answer their questions, we would have lost at least $10-15K in sales.

Now that’s just the impact from a single webinar with a single partner.

Just last month we designed a sales page for Justin Livingston and Callan Rush’s launch of their new coaching program: The Leap. They had dozens of partners lined up over the 3-week launch and they did $4M. Having Live Chat active on their sales page and a support team ready to answer chat questions may have added up to $1M in sales.

“People are RAVING about the new sales page. We sold $925k from it in the first 12 hours and $4M during the 3-week launch, and our team feels better about what we’re offering because of the page, which was an unforeseen benefit!”                            – Justin Livingston

You can install Live Chat on a sales page in less than 5-minutes. Seriously.

It’s that easy and you HAVE to do this. I don’t say that often. But this is a no-brainer.

We use PureChat. It’s simple and awesome and you can sign up free here.

If you’d like to learn more conversion tweaks to inspire more action and more sales with the same amount of traffic, you can still catch the replay of the 4 Quick Fixes to Make Your Website a Lean, Mean, Conversion Machine! I did for Bill Baren’s audience last week.

FYI, we shut the cart Sunday night on the 50% discount we were offering Bill’s audience for our Your Website in a Weekend program.

We had a few people complain since we accidentally mentioned on the webinar they would have until this Thursday at midnight to sign up, so we will be reopening the cart for 12-hours tomorrow (from noon to midnight PST).

If you want to be notified when we reopen the 50% discount, let us know here.

Keep in mind we only have 5 spots available at this pricepoint.

We capped the enrollment from this webinar at 50 since we’re giving our new students access to 6 months of group Q&A calls with Murray and I about website conversion, and adding them to our private web conversion Facebook group.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Matt McWilliams Avatar
    Matt McWilliams

    This is awesome Marisa!

    I LOVE live chat. I even use it as an affiliate. It works incredibly well at closing on-the-fence prospects.

    Wrote about it here: (link drop…I know haha)

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Nice! Thanks for the resource Matt…

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