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7 Amazing (& High Converting) Sales Funnel Examples for 2024

I like to think of a sales funnel as the journey your potential customer takes from the moment they find you and your business all the way to the point of sale or purchase… and eventually on to the next sale and the next. And while some entrepreneurs find funnels complicated, frustrating or just plain … Read more

7 Best Professional Networking Alternatives to LinkedIn in 2024

Have you ever considered alternatives to LinkedIn? While LinkedIn is considered the go-to platform for professional networking, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great alternatives.  In fact, there are several options that can be just as useful – if not more so – depending on your niche and needs! Let’s take a look at 7 … Read more

5 Steps to Create a Great (& Professional) Social Media Profile

I’ll cut right to the chase… below you’ll find the exact steps to create a memorable, professional social media profile. No filler, no fluff and no needless information to wade through; instead, you’ll learn how to ensure your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media profiles are ready for primetime. Ready? Let’s dive in. How … Read more

Cha-Ching! The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Product for the Right Market at the Right Time to Open the Income & Impact Floodgates

I want you to know that no matter where you are in your business right now, you can start to create significant income with your online products… You just need to know how to create the right product at the right time for your business… (and avoid the wrong products)! And that’s what this guide is all about.

The 3 Essential Parts of Your Business Message

Crafting your message is one of the hardest things you’ll do as an entrepreneur. It’s not a flip that you switch. It’s not something you do once and call it a day. Instead, you have to constantly evolve, iterate, and refine as you get more clear and grounded in the unique value you’ve got for the world. Learn the three parts of your message and how to cart one that drives massive action and gets real results for your business.

How to Get Powerful Client Testimonials

What do you do if you’re not getting enough sales?

The answer could be a lot simpler than you think because you might be missing just one ingredient in your sales and marketing message…

Social proof.

So that’s basically success stories and powerful testimonials from students and clients and it’s the credibility you get — not from what you say — but from what other people say about you and your work. In this post, I outline exactly how to get testimonials that will increase sales and grow your business.

What is Guest Blogging (& How Does it Work)?

To grow your business — no matter what stage you’re in — you need to consistently attract the attention of your target audience (eventually turning them into customers and repeat buyers).  And fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune to drive awareness and attract your ideal audience! What’s the secret? Guest blogging. Guest blogging … Read more

How to Attract & Keep Customers for Life

When I first started out, I spent all my time and energy trying out marketing methods and sales strategies to get new customers to sign up to my newsletter or buy my products and services…but then I realized that building real relationships to create loyal, REPEAT customers was the ticket to satisfaction AND lasting success in my biz.

10 Tips for Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating a social media marketing strategy is a cakewalk, right? Fire off a Facebook business page with a snazzy-looking banner, follow a few influencers on Twitter, dish out a couple of Instagram stories and you’re done! If only it were that easy… Here’s the skinny: Creating an effective social media marketing strategy is a concentrated … Read more

Looking to Build Your Own Startup Website? 20 of the Best Startup Websites (Examples to Wow & Inspire)

First of all… if you haven’t built your website yet, these 20 startup website examples should get you excited and motivated to start today! So what makes a great startup website? Well, the best startup websites grab the user’s attention by thinking about the needs of their target market.  What experience do you want visitors … Read more