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11 Great Email Marketing Examples (That’ll Inspire Yours) in 2024

Looking for email marketing examples to inspire your own campaigns?

With around 333B emails being sent and received each day, it’s becoming harder and harder to stand out in your audience’s overcrowded inbox.

But it can be done! 

For instance, sometimes you have to do something completely unexpected or even “offensive” to get your audience to click and take action (just make sure it’s true to who you are and your business).

Since I’m a huge fan of collecting swipe files (like this swipe file of high-converting sales funnel examples), I’ve pulled 11 of my favorite email marketing examples to share with you 🙂

I’ll break down each email with a summary, explain to you why the email works and tell you what you can apply to your own email campaigns.

Ready to jump in? Let’s go! 

1. Weber Grills

We all bump into the question, “what’s for dinner?”.

That’s what’s great about this simple email — as it offers two not-so-obvious recipes you can cook on your Weber Grill. 

And it gives the Weber Grill owner a sneak peek at their new GENESIS Grill at the end of the email.

Why This Email Works

Mouthwatering pictures of recipes that expand your knowledge of what you can grill that go beyond hamburgers and hot dogs are super helpful.

And softly making you aware of their new grill at the end of the email without being pushy makes this email a winner.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

When crafting an email, it is essential to offer value before promoting a product or service — like Weber Grill’s fish and asparagus recipes.

And be mindful that your promotion is the last thing you offer up by incorporating curiosity that can only be satisfied by clicking to learn more. 

2. Uber Eats

This Uber Eats email entices subscribers to order from an Uber Eats destination restaurant — offering $35 off your next meal.

In addition, they highlight four restaurants with yummy pictures of a meal that one could order at these restaurants featuring an order now CTA button.

And lastly, they follow up by mentioning their grocery delivery service. 

Why This Email Works

This email is brilliant, literally — utilizing bright, attention-grabbing colors and delicious pictures of meals that can serve any palate.

And ever so subtly, it promotes their additional service with a link at the bottom just in case you were interested.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

Uber Eats showcases how to spend a discount — taking the guesswork out of applying an offer and guiding the sale increases your email’s worth.

And don’t be afraid to make subscribers aware of additional products or services after offering value. 

3. Athleta

In this personalized Athleta email, make you aware of a mental health awareness initiative — calling your attention to AthletaWell, a community of women supporting women with a CTA button to join for free.

Further, this email highlights two mental health matters events coming up shortly with a link to the full schedule — and an introduction to their panel of guided support.

In addition, they talk about moving your body with a helpful fitness platform called obe Fitness — which marries nicely with their women’s fitness clothing line. 

Lastly, Athleta lets you know about Step Into Spaces, a forum where you can talk about various topics showcased by dialogue boxes that hold different conversations — like their Women’s Health Space, Restore and Recharge Space, and Body and Self Space.

Why This Email Works

True, this is a busy email; however, it is super-supportive to women in the arena of mental health.

Offering a platform of support to a community of women who speak their language and dive into the deeper issues facing women — builds an audience of loyal fans.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

You will notice that Althelta is not promoting its fitness clothing line. 

Instead, create a following by offering content that conveys your audience’s core values and beliefs — focus on building trust first (that’s why incorporating storytelling into your email campaigns and every aspect of your business is so important). 

Nurturing your following will lead to sales because you become a trusted source of support.

4. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club uses humor to entice people to buy, and it works!

This email makes a plea to those that are less hairy and may not require a steady drip of razors mailed to them —calling it the “Not So Harry Plan” with a CTA button to sign up now.

Why This Email Works

This email uses ingenious humor and wit to pull in those customers that would otherwise take a pass on razors.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

Using carefully placed humor to accompany a not-so-obvious task can create demand for a product. 

Pointing out with humor why someone could benefit from your product pulls in customers that were previously on the fence.

5. Frank Kern

Frank Kern is a genius at offering straight-up transparency in his emails without graphics or pretty pictures.  

True to form, this email gives you a real-world experience Frank Kern has with a sales funnel — ultimately offering access to one-on-one coaching with his latest training.

Why This Email Works

Frank Kern is a master at telling a story about his journey in the online marketing space.

Most of Frank’s subscribers can relate to his adventures because he offers them genuinely and candidly.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

Telling a story that does not bore or lose your subscribers is a talent that can be learned.

Being upfront, honest and vulnerable with your audience builds a following that becomes dependent on your expertise because you’ve been there, done that.

6. Davines

Davines’s email asks you to vote for their two hair products nominated for a 2022 Allure Reader’s Choice Award.

In addition, this email explains why you need their hair products in your haircare routine.

Next, Davines supports these products with a review and CTA button to shop now.

Lastly, Davines invites you to join their blog and find a local one of their local spa’s near you.

Why This Email Works

Communicating recognition from a third-party drives product legitimacy.

And then building upon that validity with a deep dive on their two nominated products gives an undeniable reason to purchase a product from Davines.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

When your products or services become recognized, it’s a beautiful time to toot your own horn!

And when subscribers see that your products or services are getting respect, you automatically increase the value of your offerings.

7. Kriser’s

The subject line of Kriser’s email newsletter poses the question — does your dog have a sensitive stomach?

Next, they offer a picture of a pup on his back exposing his tummy, which makes this email irresistible.

The remainder of the email offers a sensitive tummy solution and education on other product offerings, all with a variation of discounts, shop now and learn more CTA buttons.

Why This Email Works

Offering a solution to a common problem that guides the subscriber to resolution or a way to help another dog is invaluable.

By starting with a question, you engage your audience to search for helpful information that helps them answer the question.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

Creating curiosity through a question is an inventive way to make your next email marketing campaign hit the Achilles heel of your subscribers.

These kinds of campaigns position your marketing, so you end up the hero that answers the question. 

8. Pandora

Pandora’s email has the subject line “Music to Get Your Heart Pumping.” 

This email highlights playlists with Yoga, Dance Cardio, Hard Rock Strength Training and Pop Workout Now music.

In addition, Pandora mentions the Dance Cardio Radio association with the American Heart Association to add credibility to their musical offerings — along with Reclaim Your Heart Mode and Reclaim Your Day Mode. 

Why This Email Works

Don’t be fooled by this email’s simplicity.

It’s simple to the point and adds value to those looking for music to inspire their workout.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

Emails can exist in the realm of non-promotion.

Remember, you want to add value to your subscriber email list first so that you can nurture a relationship built on trust.

When you do this well, your sales emails are better received.

9. Bose

This Bose email newsletter communicates its core value around sustainability with a beautiful nature picture.

Bose talks about how sustainability is weaved through their business culture and offers a Learn More CTA button.

And then introduce their Refurbished Product Program and their support of Solar Power with more detail and video CTA buttons to click and learn more.

Why This Email Works

The progression of content laid out in this email is simple and practical. 

Taking you on a journey from company core values to implementation in the real world is a brilliant way to show you walk the talk.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

What story can you tell about your big or small business that shines a spotlight on your companies’ integrity?

You gain loyal fans when you give a story behind the brand because you create inclusivity by letting them take a sneak peek into your world.

10. Affirm

Affirm is a partner with VRBO (Vacation Rental By Owner) and is teaming up in this email to discuss some great getaway destinations.

They offer every place for every pace graphic to appeal to all kinds of destinations from kid to pet approved, including a book now CTA button.

Then at the bottom of the email is a link to Affirm that allows you to pay for your vacation in installments and download their pay as you go app.

Why This Email Works

Affirm and their partnership with VRBO offers the perfect marriage and answers the question, “how can afford to pay for this trip upfront?”.

And this promotional email does not contain your typical pictures of vacation spots per se — basing trips on lifestyle first and destination second.

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

What partnerships do you have with people in your market or outside of it that could add value to your email list?

Telling your subscribers about partnerships that could benefit them is always a win.

11. Laura Belgray

Master copywriter Laura Belgray of Talking Shrimp®is one of the best in the ‘biz! This example is one she sent during the height of the pandemic, but it’s stuck with me 2 years later (that’s the mark of GREAT copy). I also highly recommend checking out this hand-picked list of her best emails. 

You can take something as simple as negative feedback or a comment you receive and craft a master email. 

And don’t be afraid to address a topic that’s on everyone’s mind but do so in a way that’s true to who you are and will work with your audience. 

Why This Email Works

Laura didn’t go the typical route that way too many brands did when talking about the pandemic. In fact, she turned the influx of “how we’re handling Covid-19” emails on their head and spoke directly to her audience of online business owners and entrepreneurs. 

And she did so in a wholly engaging and compelling way, showcasing her powerhouse storytelling ability. This story and her stand led seamlessly into a piece of value for a different part of her audience (brick and mortar business owners), and then the P.S. promoted her mini-course (but just as kind of an after-thought). 

Takeaway You Can Use In Your Next Marketing Email

Taking a stand may anger a small number of your audience, BUT I guarantee that it’ll light the majority of them up (in a good way). 

Continue to practice honing your copywriting skills, find your unique voice and then share that in your emails! 

The P.S. is your friend. I don’t recommend you use it as a promotional tool in every value email or newsletter. Still, when done strategically, the P.S. can really work to drive traffic to your offers or even more free value content.  

What Are Your Favorite Email Marketing Examples?

Let me know in a comment below!

Do you relate to the dog’s picture exposing his tummy in Kriser’s email?

Are you laughing your head off reading the clever humor in Dollar Shave Club’s email?

Taking inspiration from the emails that caught your eye will help you reinvent your next email marketing campaign.

But before you go…

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