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How to Make Money on Instagram: 10+ Tips That Work in 2024

How to Make Money on Instagram 10 Tips

Looking to crack the code on how to make money on Instagram? You’re in the right spot. Whether you’re thinking of affiliate marketing, crafting compelling stories or diving deep into the world of paid ads, the goldmine of possibilities is right at your fingertips. And with actionable techniques, specific strategies and a sprinkle of persistence, … Read more

The ONLY 2 Pieces of Messaging You Need to Get People to Buy From You in 2024

Magnet, You Need to Get People to Buy From You

One of the biggest challenges every coach, consultant, service provider and course creator has is saying what they do in a way that really resonates with their potential clients. Am I right?  The market is huge, but so is the competition. Which is why in my program, Live Your Message Lab, I teach my students … Read more

13+ Strategies to Boost Your Business With Pinterest Marketing

pinterest marketing

You know, there’s a reason so many smart people dive headfirst into Pinterest marketing. It’s not just another platform… It’s a goldmine for businesses ready to tap into a community eager for inspiration and discovery. And here’s the best part: mastering Pinterest marketing isn’t about following the crowd, but about carving out a unique space … Read more

10+ Tips for Growing Your Business With Influencer Marketing in 2024 [Small IS the New Big!]

Influencer marketing is more than just a trend… It’s a pivotal tool in today’s digital marketing toolkit. Influencer marketing offers a direct route to engaging audiences and elevating brand presence. With the right tactics — from collaborating with micro-influencers to embracing user-generated content — you can reach a new, highly relevant audience and achieve noticeable … Read more

7+ Essential Marketing Channels to Elevate Your Business

Whether you’re a startup fresh off the boat or an enterprise looking for the next big leap, choosing the right marketing channels is crucial. Think content that tells your story, social media that connects and emails that engage — it’s all about getting your message heard, loud and clear. In this post, I’ve got the … Read more

10+ Tips for Crafting an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Crafting an effective email marketing strategy isn’t easy… With the constant influx of messages flooding our inboxes, a well-crafted email marketing strategy can help you connect with your audience, build trust, and, ultimately, drive conversions. In this post, I’ll share 11 actionable tips, backed by industry experts, that will help you craft an email marketing … Read more

20 Awesome Brand Website Examples (& Why They Work)

Your brand website isn’t just a URL — it’s your story’s stage, your business’s heartbeat. Ever wondered what makes some brand websites magnetically attract visitors, while others just… don’t?  In this post, I’ve curated 20 of the finest brand website examples to inspire and enlighten. From crisp designs to compelling narratives, you’ll learn what these … Read more

6 Online Business Tools That’ll Help You Grow in 2024

With countless options out there, pinpointing the top online business tools can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you. From getting valuable feedback from your audience with SurveyMonkey to optimizing videos on Vimeo, in this post, I’ve shortlisted seven tools that stand out for businesses of all shapes and sizes. … Read more

Instagram Marketing: 10+ Proven Strategies For Generating Leads & Growing Sales

Instagram marketing… It’s not just a buzzword, but a goldmine of opportunities for your business or brand. Whether it’s the art of crafting captivating captions, diving deep into video content or collaborating with the cream of the influencer crop – it’s all about connecting, engaging and converting. And in this post, I’ll give you a … Read more

10 Steps to Boost Digital Engagement on Social Media

Navigating the waves of digital engagement on social media can feel like setting sail without a compass… The space is buzzing and, to stand out, you need more than just a map. You need a foolproof strategy. In this post, I’m going to give you just that. You’ll learn the steps needed to transform your … Read more