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Niche vs Tribe: How to Get Known (and Get Paid) for Who You Are

When Tad Hargrave asked me what was missing from the conversation about niching, I had no idea what I was going to say.

I mean this is a conversation that’s been raging for years as more and more emerging entrepreneurs start building businesses online.

I thought to myself, “it’s all been said before.”

But, then I realized, it hasn’t.

There are actually two ways to differentiate yourself in the market:

1. One is to NICHE or go narrow with what you do and who you serve — to become known for that one thing.

And only that one thing… (at least to start).

This is about creating a well-labelled front-door into your business so everybody knows why they’re entering. You’ve got the boulangerie, the boucher, the fabricant de bougies. Or the baker, the butcher and the candlestick maker.

2. The other is to create a brand, to craft an extraodinary experience or evoke a set of feelings and associations that nobody else can.

To draw your line in the sand and stand for something so powerfully that your ideal clients flock to you, literally building a TRIBE around you.

In this 44 minute video interview, founder of Marketing for Hippies Tad Hargrave grills me about niching, tribebuilding and just how to be awesome.