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Mind the Gap: Making the Leap from Where You Are to Where You Want to Go

I spent 2 years living in London in the 2000s while attending grad school at the Royal College of Art… and one of the most iconic parts of London is the Tube, the underground system that crisscrosses the city. From the circular logo with the names of each station inside to the words MIND THE GAP … Read more

How to Take Action in the Face of Fear, Doubt and Uncertainty (Try this!)

Two weeks ago Murray and I were visiting my dear friend Celine up in Big Sur.

We had always been sisters of sorts with some uncanny parallels: We’re both 37; half Asian, half European; graduates of Brown University; with family in California, Thailand and Costa Rica.

But that’s where the similarities stop.

So I asked her the Big Question that was racing through my mind…

What a French Shopkeeper Just Taught Me About Business…

It was 12:25pm.

Denis could have been hard at work in his little Provencal grocery store.

But instead, his store was shuttered, and he was outside sitting on the bench with his wife, watching life go by.

Looking calm and relaxed, he turned and greeted us as we walked past.

“It’s a beautiful day!” he said cheerfully.

Each day, they open at 8:30am and then go home for lunch by 12:30pm.

And then, if their grandkids aren’t being too cute (and if they feel like it), they re-open again from 3:30-5:30pm.

They work no more than 6 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Sometimes they decide to take an extra day off just because…

Spontaneously shuttering their doors and setting off to visit their daughter or whatever else they feel like doing.

We told them how amazing this was to us, being city folks from a busy-land.

“We work when we want, not when you want..” he replied, his eyes glittering.

Boost Your “Know Like and Trust” Factor: 6 Mindsets for Succeeding in Online Video and Public Speaking

In the age of Google, where anyone can look up anything, information is not enough. Information does not lead to transformation. You do. You make your information stand out with your energy, presence and vibrancy. It’s just as much about creating connection as it is about conveying content.

Your message needs a messenger. And the only way to find a messenger is to look in the mirror.

Online video and public speaking are the only two marketing activities that can’t be outsourced if you want to become the #1 Authority in Your Field. If you want to sell high-ticket items, your prospects need to know, like and trust you. And the only way for them to do that is by experiencing you.