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101 Marketing Quotes to Inspire You in 2023 (& Beyond)

What digital marketer doesn’t love a good marketing quote? In this post, I’ve compiled 101 of the very best marketing quotes from business owners, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and more — each selected to wow you, inspire you or give you a swift kick in the rear. What are we waiting for? Let’s jump right in. … Read more

The 7 Types of Digital Marketing: A Beginner’s Primer for 2024

If you’ve been looking for a beginner-level breakdown around the different types of digital marketing, this post is for you. Digital marketing is a popular way to reach consumers, and each type has its own strengths. I’ll cover the seven digital marketing types and give you a high-level overview of each.  Let’s get started! What … Read more

5 Brilliant Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness in 2023

As a business owner, you know that building brand awareness is key to your success. If people don’t know who you are or what you do, they’re not going to buy from you.  In order to increase brand awareness in 2023 (and beyond), you need to employ some of the best strategies out there.  In … Read more

What is a Brand Identity? 10 Pro Tips for Creating a Great One

Who are you? What do you believe in? What makes you different? No, you’re not starting a life-coaching session – you’re creating your brand identity – the unique way you present your business to your target audience.  But what exactly is a brand identity and how do you create one?  This post will define brand … Read more

13 Eye-Opening Twitter Statistics (+ 7 Not-So-Surprising Ones)

Looking for some interesting Twitter statistics you can use in your next article, presentation, or dinner conversation with friends? In this simple, easy-to-read post, I’m sharing 13 Twitter statistics that’ll catch you by surprise, plus 7 “obvious” ones that’ll have you nodding your head in agreement (or shaking it in disbelief). Let’s dive right into … Read more

How Color Psychology Affects Your Audience (& Your Brand)

Color psychology is more than a buzzword. It’s a scientifically proven “hack” that savvy businesses, entrepreneurs and brands have used for decades to evoke different emotions in people. Want your audience to trust you? Or get excited about you? Or associate your brand with luxury and sophistication? Colors can make it happen. And in this … Read more

10+ Simple Facebook Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand in 2024

I’ll cut right to the chase… If you’re looking for some simple, straightforward Facebook marketing tips that’ll help you reach your target audience and grow your business, this post is for you. Sound good? Let’s dive in. 1. Use a Business Page (NOT a Personal Profile) Many business owners make the mistake of using their … Read more

10+ Awesome Examples of Brand Guidelines to Inspire Your Own

Color palette

Looking for a list of great brand guidelines? From Coca-Cola’s red and white script to McDonald’s iconic golden arches logo to Nike’s catchy “Just do it” slogan, a distinctive and well-executed brand guideline enables companies to stand out from the crowd and “stick” in the minds of customers. In this post, I’ll shine a spotlight … Read more

10 Great Influencer Marketing Examples (& What They Do Well)

If you want to tap into the power of influencers to promote your brand or product to new customers, you’ll love the influencer marketing examples I’m about to share with you. These are some of the best examples of influencer marketing campaigns from around the web. Browse them, make note of what makes each of … Read more

20+ Personal Website Examples That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

In need of some personal website examples to inspire you as you build your own website? You’re in the right place! A personal website gives you a platform to advertise your skills and experiences. You can showcase your personality and talk about the things that interest you. And it’s a great way to let your … Read more