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20+ Personal Website Examples That’ll Knock Your Socks Off

In need of some personal website examples to inspire you as you build your own website? You’re in the right place!

A personal website gives you a platform to advertise your skills and experiences. You can showcase your personality and talk about the things that interest you.

And it’s a great way to let your personal brand speak for you (AND attract your ideal customers and clients). 

This list features 21 personal websites that do a tremendous job showcasing the owners’ skills and personalities (and in a variety of industries).

Use these as fuel to inspire your own site! Let’s dive in.

1. Sean Halpin

Sean Halpin is a digital products designer currently working for Help Scout. He also helps new designers get started in the field.

Halpin’s website is an excellent example of a personal website. He has a fun and casual personality. He makes this clear with his use of colors and graphics. And it’s backed up by the projects he’s included in his portfolio.

Instead of a typical contact page where you might list an email address or share your social media channels, Halpin elects to use a chatbot. It’s an unusual contact device for a personal site. But it’s a fun way to connect, and it’s an easy option for site visitors to get FAQs answered.

2. Tony D’Orio

Tony D’Orio is a professional photographer, so his website relies heavily on visual messaging. 

One message you take away from D’Orio’s site is how well he illustrates his work. 

His photography samples show that if you want serious corporate headshots, D’Orio isn’t your man. But if you are looking for a commercial photographer to create stunning, quirky images for your brand, you’re in the right place.

He’s devoted one of his website pages to listing the awards he’s won for his photography work. If you have awards for your work, ‌consider doing something similar. Listing the awards you’ve won adds social proof and authority to your site.

3. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and investor. And he’s built a solid personal brand. Love him or hate him, almost everyone in a business-related niche knows of GaryVee.

Vaynerchuk’s website is more mainstream than our previous two examples. He has the expected pages that link to his podcast and his blog, both prime content marketing illustrations. 

And true to the GaryVee brand, his home page includes embedded video content. While you may not like doing videos, they are a great way to connect with your audience and let people get to know you. There is no better way to build the know, like, and trust factor.

4. Brandon Johnson

Brandon Johnson is an associate professor at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN, USA. His focus is on planetary sciences, and his website might be an inspiration for those in academia.

Johnson’s website is a superb example of a one-page website. Not everyone needs a multi-page site. 

The design is straightforward, with images and a black and white color scheme representing his work on impact cratering. 

He also includes a block of content featuring his published work, which carries significant weight in academic fields. He also offers a link to download his curriculum vitae. Both offer proof of his expertise.

At the bottom of the page, Johnson has hyperlinked his email address for those who want to reach out and contact him.

5. Anthony Wiktor

Anthony Wiktor is an art director and visual designer. He’s currently the creative brand director at Ad Victorem, a branding and marketing agency.

There’s a lot of social proof on this bold, black and white, two-page website. Wiktor makes the most of his authority by name-dropping the brands he’s worked for over the years. It’s shrewd because these brands are instantly recognizable, giving Wiktor stellar social clout.

Wiktor doesn’t appear to freelance, instead directing potential clients to his employer’s site. However, you can connect with him via email or on one of his listed social media channels.

6. Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a photographer and business strategist who teaches entrepreneurs how to use social media. How do I know this? Because it’s right there, front and center, on the header of her website. 

As you scroll down the home page, the next thing you see are the freebies she offers to those who join her email list. This gives visitors a way to learn from Star. It’s also an opportunity for Star to capture visitors’ email addresses, so she can stay in touch via email marketing.

Finally, if you’re interested in working with Star, you have multiple options and she lists them on every single page of her site. Repetition is a useful tool.

7. Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs is a football (European) freestyler. His site opens up with an image of himself and a soccer ball and the words “Football Freestyler.” There’s no mistaking what he’s about.

If you have a skill you want to illustrate that involves action or physical prowess, Becs’ site is one you’ll want to visit. He uses video content to capture the feel of what he does and the entertainment it offers.

Because he’s also an award-winning content creator, it makes sense that his site reflects all the content he produces. He devotes one page to list his media appearances, where he showcases his freestyle skills. And he prominently displays his social media content on the front page.

8. Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is the host of the popular Online Marketing Made Easy podcast. Through the podcast and her courses, she teaches business owners how to use online marketing and courses to build profitable businesses.

Her website has lots of white space, making it easy on the eyes and effortless to navigate. And social proof is abundant on the home page, highlighting her features in Business Insider and Forbes, among other industry-relevant publications.

Check out Porterfield’s About page if you need inspiration while writing your own. It’s packed with language that resonates with her target audience—an example of how you can reach yours.

9. Raewyn Brandon

Raewyn Brandon is a freelance graphic and web designer available to work on projects anywhere in the world. Because the information is available right at the top of her website and it’s the first thing you see when the page opens, you know immediately if you’re in the right place.

Brandon’s portfolio links are available in the menu bar at the top of the website. To make it easy for potential clients to see her work, she’s divided her portfolio into print and brand samples, each with its own page.

Rather than cluttering up her home page with logos, she keeps her social proof on a separate page called Clients.

10. Andy Raskin

Andy Raskin’s site is another great example of a one-page website.

Raskin helps CEOs create a business narrative. This gets everyone in leadership on the same page, telling the same stories and crafting a unified message for their target audience.

This is an elementary site, but visitors get the information they need. Raskin calls out his target audience (CEOs). Then he tells them what he does (creates strategic narratives) and gives them options for getting in touch (via chat, email, or social media).

Raskin uses client testimonials to show previous customers’ satisfaction with his work.

11. Kalina Silverman

Kalina Silverman is a documentary journalist, entrepreneur and Fulbright Ambassador, among other pursuits. Her tagline reads, “Founder of Big Talk, U.S. Fulbright Ambassador, Model / Presenter.”

Silverman’s home page design is reminiscent of a two-column print resume. She lists her bio, her work experience, and then press mentions, awards, and partnerships. Personal images of Silverman run alongside.  

Besides her other work, Silverman is also an artist. One page of her site showcases her artwork. There are also pages highlighting her career as a model and documentary journalist. 

In the footer of her website, she has links to her social media accounts where you can connect with her.

12. Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu

Ximena N. Beltran Quan Kiu is a strategic communications leader. When you visit her site, you’ll see a big picture of Ximena with Michelle Obama. If you’ve got that kind of social proof, you definitely want to flaunt it. 

Because Ximena is a PR specialist, she dedicates one section of her website to that work. She includes the clients she’s worked with, the results her clients have gotten, testimonials from satisfied clients, and ways she can help you with your PR campaigns.

Another page on her site is a portfolio with her published writing samples..

A third page highlights her media appearances.

13. Dr. Orestis Georgiou

Dr. Orestis Georgiou is a researcher, inventor, and author. He’s currently the Head of R & D Partnerships at Ultraleap.

Dr. Georgiou’s site is beautiful, but the copy makes his site remarkable.

He’s speaking to his target audience in the language they’ll understand and recognize. The average Joe won’t get much of what Dr. Georgiou writes, but Dr. Georgiou isn’t writing for the average Joe; he’s writing to his colleagues and peers.

Every page provides proof of Dr. Georgiou’s knowledge and experience. He uses his academic publications, speaking engagements, and work experience to show he’s a trusted authority.

14. Petr Bílek

Petr Bílek is a visual and UI (user interface) designer. 

Bílek’s site is easy to navigate and a pleasure to browse because of the minimal design. The pages are white with large text, which makes it easy to read and navigate if you’re visiting from a mobile device.

While Bílek is serious about good design, you see his playful side thanks to his chosen colors and animated graphics. 

At the top of his product page, Bílek offers social proof so potential customers see his solid work history. 

15. Lior Raz

Lior Raz is an Israeli actor and screenwriter. He might be best known for creating and acting in the hit Netflix series Fauda. 

Raz’s site is highly visual, grabbing the visitor’s attention. The stills and video clips from his acting work speak to the gritty nature of his TV series. Even the photos from his speaking engagements are dark and moody to match the feel of the site.

A Press section includes links to interviews he’s given and articles written about his work. These mentions lend professional credibility.

Contact information for appearances and work is easy to find. You can contact Raz’s agent or management via the listed communication channels. 

16. Lena Sernoff

Lena Sernoff is a content strategist, podcaster, and content creator. You’ll enjoy perusing her website if you’re a multi-passionate creative like Sernoff. 

While conventional wisdom dictates that your website niches down and focuses on just one area, with a personal website, you have more leeway.

Sernoff takes advantage of this and, on her home page, highlights her podcast, her written work for Wix, and her Instagram platform.

Her Services page offers career coaching, content creation, photography, and digital marketing packages.

You can purchase some of her work via her Shop page. A Gallery page holds her poetry and photography. And she has a blog where she discusses travel, photography, written work, and career advice.

17. Mack & Pouya

Mack & Pouya are wedding photographers who “capture all the feels.”

This wedding photographer couple has a whimsical approach to website design and branding. Their colors, font choices, and written copy all work together to brand this team as a fun-loving couple who will work hard to capture your big day. 

While the site design is fanciful, their image gallery shows their versatile approach to wedding photography. Images range from sweet to playful to romantic‌. 

If cost is a factor in choosing your photographer, Mack & Pouya help you with a handy calculator. By entering some information, you get a cost estimate based on the location and time to photograph your wedding.

18. Melanie Daveid

Melanie Daveid is a freelance art director and designer.

The overall website design is very simple, so her artwork really captures your attention.

Her menu has just two pages you see—Work and About.

The Work/Home page is a feed of the design work she’s created. When you click on the art piece, a new page opens with details about the work. Daveid shares the company that commissioned it, the purpose, and a little about how she developed and executed the design concept.

Her About page calls out her ideal client. She lists the companies she’s worked for, the brands she’s partnered with, and events where she’s spoken. Her contact information is in the footer.

19. Ximena Vengoechea

Ximena Vengoechea is a writer, researcher, and illustrator who has worked for LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. Publications like Forbes, Insider, and Fast Company have featured her writing.

Vengoechea’s site is deceptively simple and is the perfect example of a minimalist site that delivers maximum impact.

Each text box in the menu offers more options via dropdowns. For example, under Vengoechea’s About section, you can read her bio, see her press mentions, or visit her FAQs. If you want to see her portfolio, hover over the Portfolio option in the menu bar and choose from Illustrations, UX Research, or The Life Audit.

A simple white background and minimal blocks of text make this an easy site to browse. 

20. Nissa Kauppila

Nissa Kauppila is an American artist who creates nature-themed art with traditional Chinese watercolor and ink on rice paper.

Everything about the home page design lets her artwork take center stage. With a muted gray background and clean, modern fonts, her paintings are the only thing to capture your attention.

For those who want to see more of her artwork, there is a Paintings page, where she divides her artwork by subject—flora, birds, fauna, etc.

There is also a page highlighting her media appearances. A contact page tells you where to get in touch. And a Limited Edition Prints page directs you to a Hong Kong art gallery where you can purchase Kaupilla’s prints.

21. Kantwon Rogers

Kantwon Rogers is a Ph.D. student and instructor at Georgia Tech.

Bold colors and graphics match Rogers’ outgoing personality. This is a playful approach to academia, which is usually more straight-laced and staid.

First, Rogers links to his Curriculum Vitae (CV). Then he links to his published works in his field of research.

Next, he’s linked to some of his video appearances, including a TEDx talk he gave. Then he links to a podcast where he is the resident tech expert.

Last, he has linked to a series of supplementary videos to help his Matlab students. 

These sections work together to bolster Rogers’ expertise in his field. And while academia has a reputation for stuffiness, Rogers’ individuality shines through.

Which of These Personal Website Examples Are Your Favorites?

I hope these personal website examples have been an inspiration. As a creative entrepreneur, you deserve a personal website that showcases your work and tells the world who you are!

Let me know in the comments below which sites stood out to you.

And if you’re in search of even more personal branding inspiration, check out my list of 13 strong personal brand examples.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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