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5 Credibility Boosters to Supercharge Your Website’s About Page

If someone wants to know about you they’re going to Google your name and check you out. Or they might head on over to the About page on your website, or read your profile on LinkedIn or what you say about yourself on Facebook. The problem is that most people don’t put a lot of … Read more

How to Introduce Yourself Powerfully in a Facebook Group or Online Community (Because You Never Know Who’s Watching)

Every year I invest 6-figures in trainings, coaching and Masterminds and I’m always invited to join new communities, often with powerful and influential people. No pressure, right? I’ve come to realize that the way you introduce yourself in a Facebook group or in a new community is absolutely critical, because you never know who’s watching. … Read more

The Top 2 Approaches to Taking a Signature Photo for Your Website

If you are the face and voice of your brand or the key reason why people choose to work with your company, then people need to see you and know what you look like.

You can’t hide behind your work, or bury your photo on the About page of your website.

You have to truly step forward and allow yourself to be seen.

The best signature photos tell a visual story of who you are. They allow your visitors to almost feel like they know, like and trust you in a single glance, paving the way for a deeper level of connection and relationship. And they align with your message, your brand and how you want to show up. There are two primary approaches you can take with your signature photos…