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The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 4): The “I Believe” Video

Welcome to the last post on our series on The Perfect Home Page Video, or how to create a powerful first impression from the moment a new visitor lands on your site, so you can keep them in your world for minutes (and years) longer… Because when someone stays on your site for minutes longer, … Read more

The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 3): The Big Idea Video

If you do something a little out of the ordinary, something people don’t usually “get” right away, then you could be losing a TON of people when they visit your site. You can’t just assume they’re going to spend the time on your site to work out what you do, and trying to educate them … Read more

The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 1): The Credibility Video

I just wrapped a 5-day Personal Branding Workshop with my Mastery students and one of the things we did together was script and film their home page videos.  I gotta say they came out FABULOUS! 🙂 The right video can keep new visitors on your site for minutes longer… long enough to build a relationship … Read more