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The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 3): The Big Idea Video

If you do something a little out of the ordinary, something people don’t usually “get” right away, then you could be losing a TON of people when they visit your site.

You can’t just assume they’re going to spend the time on your site to work out what you do, and trying to educate them in text can be a challenge, especially considering how little time most people have.

But the right video can do the educational “heavy lifting” for you, and introduce people to your “world” in a way that makes sense to them, and keeps them in your world for (initially) minutes (and ultimately, years) longer.

Getting the first impression right matters. A lot.

A “Big Idea” Video is all about helping new visitors to your site not just understand your Big Idea, but fall in love with it, and see how it can transform their lives, like it’s transformed yours.

You can do this a number of ways.

One way is by so clearly painting a picture or articulating a situation that they can see themselves in your words. You’re showing that you understand them (or at least this particular situation) almost better than they understand themselves… and when you can do that, they automatically assume you have the answer.

Why?  Because most people aren’t able to put their finger on the specific problem or desire they have. They live in a state of generalized pain or longing. They know something’s not right, but they’re not sure what it is… and when you can specifically describe that problem or desire, you’re implying a path forward. A solution.

My Mastery student Mellissa Seaman does that with her video.

The videos I’m sharing in this series were creating over a 5-day Personal Branding Workshop I facilitated with my highest-level Mastery students.

Together we scripted and workshopped the videos, as well as storyboarded them and planned at everything from location to clothing.

Now the second way you can educate people about your Big Idea is by sharing your personal story of how you discovered this idea and the difference it made for you in your life… and why you decided to share this idea with others.

My student Isabelle Morton of GEMFormulas took that approach:

Isabelle’s video is a fusion of the “Story” Video and the “Big Idea” Video. Many of the approaches I’m sharing in this Perfect Home Page Video series can be used in combination with each other. For example, you may blend the Credibility Video with the I Believe Video (coming soon). Or the Belief Video with the Story Video.

Get creative and really think about how to best represent your business or personal brand on your home page.

Let me know in the chat what resonated with you about this approach.

Now here are the scripts, so you can study them closer…

Mellissa’s Script:

Hey you. Yes you. You’re a channel of genius.  OK – Hear me out now…  I bet you’ve had those moments – where a great idea just downloads out of nowhere. Maybe you’re in the shower. Maybe you’re looking at a gorgeous view. Maybe you’re just standing there washing dishes in the most normal of all moments, and you get the big AHA that has you running for a pen, or wanting to tell your best friend that something just came THROUGH you. I call that your Genius, channeling through you.

It’s a magical moment. (sigh) and for some of us who are visionaries, innovators, designers, and generally creative leaders… We COUNT on those moments.  We even get PAID for those great ideas.  So what happens if you can’t create those A-ha moments on demand?   Hm…

What about when you’re stuck in an office under florescent lights, working towards deadlines, drinking coffee in meeting after meeting after meeting?  What about those days when you feel your CREATIVITY is dying… It’s like you’re on the verge of Creative Death

Hmmm. Meanwhile, you’re looking around at the world, and realizing that you need to be more creative now than ever.

This world needs new solutions. And you’re an innovator.

• What if you could open up to download your best ideas at will without having to wait for the A-ha moment to catch you by surprise?
• What if you could have the best of both worlds – the invisible realm of ideas and meaning, and the tangible world of business and impact?
• What if I told you that by identifying what kind of genius you are, you could open to your best ideas, your highest purpose, and actually become Genius Incarnate?

Find out what kind of Genius you are NOW.  It takes only 5 minutes.  Press the Button.

Isabelle’s Script:

Have you ever had an experience that changed your life, I mean really shifted where you thought you were headed? I did. Actually I’ve had two. The first one got me into healing gemstones, the second one got me back into them after fourteen years of denying my gifts. My lesson? You can’t hide from your destiny.

I have a unique relationship with healing gemstones. Some call me a gemstone savant. Yet, I was also born with a healthy dose of skepticism. I like to think I walk a balance between science and woo.

Here’s why I think I’m uniquely qualified to bring out Gemstone Therapy. Because in 2005, medical doctors saved my life when I got a heart transplant. But the quality of my life now, IS as good as it is, because of alternative medicine.

I believe you need to see a medical professional when you need one. But you also have to take care of the things they can’t take care of, using whatever alternative modalities work best for you.  You’ve got to take care of your body and your energies.

I believe your body knows how to heal. Give it the resources it needs to do that and it will. I also believe gemstones can provide many of those resources.  Finally, I believe that working with healing diamonds and gemstones can lead you to optimal health. But optimal health does not mean freedom from pain, illness, or injury. Optimal health means your body has the ability to respond to pain, illness, and injury quickly, intelligently, and successfully.

My name is Isabelle Morton, I’m the founder of GEMFormulas and the Gemstone Therapy Institute.  If you’d like to read about how my heart transplant and near death experience gave me the courage to share Gemstone Therapy with the world, check out my book, Accepting Destiny. You can get it by clicking the button below.

People tell me that reading Accepting Destiny has inspired them on their journey to greater health. May it do the same for you.
You can find out more about Mastery here.

WANT MORE? Check out Part 4 of this powerful series: The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 4): The “I Believe” Video

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what resonated about these videos and what ideas you’re going to bring into your own videos.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

  1. Elizabeth Haines Avatar
    Elizabeth Haines

    I will be looking at these posts and videos many times…thank you very much for sharing!

    1. Marisa Avatar

      Sure thing Elizabeth!

  2. Carly Lewis Avatar
    Carly Lewis

    Each example is so helpful and the videos instructive. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Marisa Avatar

      Sure thing Carly! I believe in learning through example… 🙂

  3. Shel Horowitz Avatar
    Shel Horowitz

    Good stuff, as always. But I do wonder if the attention span of a cold prospect is long enough for these. For a warm prospect, yes. But for someone being exposed for the first time, they take a while to gt to the point.

    1. Elizabeth Haines Avatar
      Elizabeth Haines

      I was spellbound from the get go…

  4. Will Offen Avatar
    Will Offen

    After 30 years of live, interactive audiences, my ‘struggle’ is to transmit the same level of interaction to a ‘dead’ camera. My message is simple but, at the same time, challenging as it demands greater levels of concentration in the use of a set of skills that we take for granted and mostly therefore ‘freewheel’ them in use. I shall watch this series with great interest Marissa to see how I can get my message over in that all important first few seconds.

    As usual, thanks for your excellent work.

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Speaking to camera is definitely a learned artform and not super easy to master. If your message is both simple and resonant and addresses a need, problem or desire that people can relate to, and you share it in a way that’s evocative, it will land…

  5. Stan Bowman Avatar
    Stan Bowman

    I think that these examples are spot on but both too long. I actually did not stay all the way through either of them. And the videography is excellent but probably beyond anyone who is trying it for the first time. It takes time and mastery to create good video.

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Hi Stan – Mellissa’s video is 2:41 and Isabelle’s is 2:12. I recommend 1-3-minutes for home page videos (shorter if you’re not comfortable on camera), and both are in that range. My guess is that you aren’t the right audience for either Mellissa or Isabelle, so what they had to say wasn’t landing for you. They both have camera presence and they both do a good job staying interesting and speaking to their audience, but that only works if you’re their audience. It’s important not to try to speak to everyone.

      And, yes, these are definitely professionally shot videos. And not something you would achieve at home on your first time out. But something worth aspiring towards.

  6. Michelle Avatar

    I appreciate having the concept of a BIG IDEA addressed so clearly….I can actually feel the BIG IDEA in my work but I know now, I’ve NEVER really articulated it. What this blog helped me realize is that my BIG IDEA is definitely not what I at first glance might THINK it is….The opening question pointed me in the direction I need to explore: What do I do that’s out of the ordinary that people “don’t get” right away? I’m going to take this next week to dive into that question and see what emerges! I feel excited in a way I can’t explain….like I’ve just found a critical clue to a messaging treasure I’ve been looking for for a LOOONG time! Thank you so much!

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Ooo Michelle. This is so perfect for you… I was actually thinking about you as I wrote this post. I’m glad it landed for you… I saw your post on the FB group the other day and know you’ve been searching and longing for this. I feel like it’s close and look forward to supporting you more in our upcoming retreat. You will have your messaging breakthrough this year. <3

  7. Sharon Avatar

    I’ve learned so much from this series. As always you share the details and I really appreciate that about you. When I see how someone else turns their vision into reality, I realize I can do this too!
    Question: How were you guys able to create this — Jane Guyn · Founder, President at Self-Employed — placing the name of your business next to your name and photo, so it shows up in the comments?

    1. Lisa Farley McCaskill Avatar
      Lisa Farley McCaskill

      Hi Sharon. First, on your personal Facebook page, complete the profile section about where you work. There, you can enter your title and business name. You can also link it to your Facebook Business page if you’ve set one up. (Note that both Jane and I have entered a title “Founder, President” and/or just the general “self-employed” in our Facebook profile, but didn’t enter our business name, which is why that bit of info isn’t showing.) And second, when you comment on blogs like this one, be sure to type your comment in the uppermost comment area that’s part of the Facebook Comments Plugin. By doing both of these steps, your business name will show up next to your photo. Hope that helps!

      1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
        Marisa Murgatroyd

        Awesome Sharon and thanks for helping Lisa! 🙂

      2. Sharon Avatar

        Thanks Lisa for the help. I did what you said and hopefully when I post this my business name will show up. What I couldn’t find was how to link it to my Facebook Business page. Thoughts?

        1. Sharon Silver, Founder, Speaker, Author at Proactive Parenting dot NET Avatar
          Sharon Silver, Founder, Speaker, Author at Proactive Parenting dot NET

          Last shout-out to Marisa as I test whether or not I can make the additional title work?
          You’ve taught me that sharing as much as possible is what creates a tribe.
          Thanks to you and your team for doing all that you do.

          1. Marisa Avatar

            It worked! Nice job… 🙂

  8. Richard Zultner Avatar
    Richard Zultner

    Would it be a good idea to practice your Big Idea video in some Facebook Live videos? Maybe in different settings?

    1. Marisa Avatar

      Why not? Always a god idea to practice… 🙂

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