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The Perfect Home Page Video (Part 4): The “I Believe” Video

Welcome to the last post on our series on The Perfect Home Page Video, or how to create a powerful first impression from the moment a new visitor lands on your site, so you can keep them in your world for minutes (and years) longer…

Because when someone stays on your site for minutes longer, you have a shot at forming a relationship with them… which is the first step in turning a visitor into a subscriber, a subscriber into a buyer and a buyer into a repeat customer and raving fan.

The 4th kind of Home Page Video is what I call an “I Believe” video and if you’ve been following this blog series you my have noticed that several of the videos contained “I Believe” statements.

The cornerstones of human civilization — society, religion, politics – are all built on shared beliefs.

When you hear someone say the words “I Believe,” something powerful happens… you lean in and get curious about what they’re going to say next.

There’s something magical about those 2 words. Pretty much without fail, people are going to be interested in what comes next.

Pay attention to how you feel as you read these “I believe” statements.

– I believe you have a story that can inspire your audience to engage, share and click and buy from your ad.  – Bret Gregory

– I believe everyone has a powerful leader within them… and somewhere along the way, we lose touch with that part of ourselves that knows who we are, what we want, and why we’re here.  – Patricia Missakian

– I believe your body knows how to heal.  – Isabelle Morton

The beauty of these 4 approaches to creating the perfect home page video – The Credibility Video, The Story Video, The “Big Idea” Video and the I Believe Video – is you can mix and match to create a video that’s unique to you.

The secret to the “I Believe” Video is identifying the core personal beliefs that drive your business and your brand.

For example, I believe that the only way to stand out from the noise of 1.8 Billion websites is to be more you.

That’s a core belief behind Live Your Message and many or our products and programs. We help people dial into who they really are, what they really do, why they’re different, and how to express that in a way that’s unmistakable and highly resonant with their ideal clients.

So, what are YOUR core beliefs?

For my Mastery student and healthy birth warrior Dawn Thompson, that was a question to answer. Dawn has devoted her life to improving birth for women around the world.

Here’s the video we created together during our 5-day personal branding workshop:

What resonated with you about this video? And what core personal beliefs are you claiming for yourself? Let me know in the chat.

Here’s a copy of Dawn’s script so you can study it more carefully:

Hi, my name’s Dawn Thompson and I am a Healthy Birth Warrior. I believe birth matters and how children come into the world matters. I give voice to the 36% of women surveyed who described their birth as unnecessarily traumatic.

A wise woman once said, “The most dangerous phrase in the English language is, “We’ve always done it this way”.

It’s easy to have a “doctor knows best” mentality. But its important to understand that they too are working within a broken system that’s built on fear of liability. A system that has significant financial motivators. And a system that has come to the conclusion that more medical interventions solve both of these issues. Currently, care practices are not determined by consumers, but driven by provider preference, financial concerns, liability, and deeply embedded (yet outdated) practice patterns.

It’s difficult to admit when we aren’t doing it right, but clearly we aren’t doing it right. It’s time to call out a medical system that’s no longer in integrity with their Hippocratic oath to do no harm. 

While my heart bleeds for the women who’ve had traumatic births, I know that the only way forward is to work together. I’ve dedicated my life to serving as that diplomatic bridge between families, professionals and those who care. I’m here to arm families with the facts and information they need to take charge of their bodies and their births. To go in to the doctor’s office, hospitals and care facilities fully informed. To have a voice inside a medical system that tends to dehumanize the people it serves.

I’m willing to tell the stories of women at their most vulnerable moments.  I’m willing to cry with them at the same time as we rise up together to push against a broken system. I’m here to say that we cannot and should not continue doing things the same way.

My name is Dawn Thompson and I’m a healthy birth warrior. I believe that when people are fully informed about their care options, they will make the best decision for them and their family. I believe that we all have the power to make a difference especially when we come together with a collective voice. And I’d be honored to speak to your community. Find out more about booking me as a speaker or email me at [email protected] to schedule a call.

That’s a wrap on this powerful series, but don’t worry…

I’ve put together this 90-minute masterclass designed to help you keep 1st time visitors on your website for minutes longer, double (or even triple) your current opt-in rates, all while generating more leads, customers AND sales.

Plus I’ll teach you how to powerfully position yourself as an authority on your website, so you can attract your ideal clients and charge what you’re really worth.

If your website isn’t yet bringing in a flow of reliable, consistent leads and sales, then this is the BEST resource I could give to turn your website into a lean, mean, money making machine.

P.S. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what resonated about these videos and what ideas you’re going to bring into your own videos.

Love it? Hate it? Let me know...

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    sebatware Leonard

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      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Stay tuned to this blog. I provide a lot of support for growing your business.

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