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10 Learnings From 10 Years of Launching & Scaling an Online Business

Ten years ago I definitely didn’t imagine that — 10 years later — I would have a multi-million dollar business that’s helped over 12K students launch their business and products online. All because — 10 years ago — I made the small, yet monumental choice to step out of my comfort zone… and into my genius zone. Now I know that this is a choice that’s not easy to make, so I wanted to share my Top 10 Learnings from 10 years of launching and scaling an online business.

State of the Internet: 12 Expert Predictions for 2022 (& Beyond)

11 online predictions

Things are changing so rapidly – especially for online businesses – that it can seem impossible to keep up. But knowing what’s coming is essential to your online business success.  That’s why it’s so important to ask yourself: What will the Internet look like for entrepreneurs in 2022 (and beyond)? How are things changing? What … Read more

The 4 Steps to Becoming Extraordinary

If you ask 10 people if they’re smarter than average, 9 of them will say yes. But the truth is that only 4 of them actually are.  The same thing happens when you ask 10 people if they have above-average looks.  Or above-average driving skills. You name it. It happens no matter what you ask.  … Read more

The Lost Art of Teaching: How to Make More Money & Have More Impact by Embracing Your Inner Teacher

There are four levels of teaching and each level of teaching is more valuable and more valued than the next in that people are willing to pay more money for it.