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7+ Top Mobile Marketing Examples From Leading Brands in 2024

Looking for inspiration to boost your mobile marketing campaign? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

This post will explore the top mobile marketing examples from leading brands in 2024. 

Ready to discover how these innovative campaigns can help you create impactful and engaging marketing strategies for your business?

Let’s jump right in.

1. Honda’s Mobile Games

In this mobile marketing campaign example, Honda teamed up with their Formula 1 partner, Red Bull Racing Honda, to launch the free EvoTrack mobile game

They strategically released the game during the United States Formula 1 Grand Prix weekend to spotlight Honda’s new Civic Si. 

Players got to virtually drive Honda’s latest models, including the Red Bull Racing Honda RB16B Formula One car.

The game also featured a four-week leaderboard competition with weekly prizes.

What Honda’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Honda’s campaign used its existing partnership with Red Bull Racing to reach a new, dedicated fan base. 

By strategically launching the game during the US Formula 1 Grand Prix, they maximized visibility and engagement among their target audience. 

This timing created excitement for the new Civic Si. And it showcased Honda’s innovation via an interactive and fun experience. 

The leaderboard competition enticed players to return to the game, adding an extra layer of engagement.

What You Can Learn From Honda

Consider partnering with local events or other brands to expand your reach. For instance, collaborate with a popular regional festival to showcase your products. 

Create fun, interactive experiences like games or contests that encourage repeat engagement. Think about designing a simple mobile game related to your products or services and offering small prizes or discounts. 

Always look for ways to make your marketing efforts timely and relevant to your audience. Align your campaigns with local holidays or community events to boost visibility and engagement.

2. Coke’s QR Codes

Using mobile app marketing, Coca-Cola introduced a series of artistic QR codes for its Coke Studio global music platform. 

These eye-catching QR codes, designed by artist Troy Ni, used advanced AI technology to offer a unique twist on traditional codes. 

The codes appeared on billboards, movie theaters, stadiums and theme parks across the U.S. 

Each QR code linked to Coke Studio’s latest song and video, offering a unique and engaging experience that kept the audience excited and wanting more.

What Coke’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Coca-Cola made a smart choice in using artistic QR codes to capture attention and stand out from traditional marketing ads. 

By linking these codes to the Coke Studio platform, they created an interactive experience that encouraged users to engage with their content

Placing the QR codes in high-traffic locations like movie theaters and stadiums gave them maximum visibility and interaction. 

What You Can Learn From Coke

Consider using innovative technology like QR codes to make your marketing materials unique and engaging. 

Collaborate with local artists or use design tools to create visually appealing codes that stand out. 

Create interactive elements that provide a memorable experience for your audience, such as linking QR codes to exclusive content or promotions. 

Place your marketing materials in high-traffic areas to reach as many people as possible. 

3. Ikea’s Augmented Reality

Ikea’s augmented reality (AR) campaign makes home design simple and enjoyable. 

The IKEA app lets customers visualize and create their dream spaces from their mobile phones. 

The app lets users scan their rooms, remove unwanted items virtually and experiment with different furniture and decor. Imagine seeing how a new sofa fits in your living room without lifting a finger.

App users can also save and share their designs with friends or family for feedback, making the user experience even more collaborative.

What Ikea’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Ikea’s mobile marketing strategy uses AR technology to tackle common home design challenges. By letting customers visualize their spaces with new furniture and decor, there is no more uncertainty and trial and error. 

For instance, the app’s feature that allows users to scan their rooms and virtually remove unwanted items makes the design process both convenient and fun. 

This interactive approach improves customer satisfaction while also boosting engagement and sales. 

By making shopping more personalized and immersive, Ikea offers its target audience a memorable and enjoyable experience.

What You Can Learn From Ikea

Integrating technology like AR can really add to the customer experience. 

For example, consider using AR to help customers visualize your products in their environments. Your audience will have less hesitation and fear around their purchasing decision. 

You should also create interactive and personalized experiences to set your brand apart and improve customer engagement. 

Additionally, make the process convenient and shareable, as Ikea does with their app. This will encourage word-of-mouth marketing. 

4. Starbucks’ Geo-Fencing

Starbucks uses geofencing to send targeted mobile ads and push notifications to customers near a Starbucks location. 

For instance, on happy hour Thursdays, customers who walk by or are near a Starbucks receive special alerts about deals that encourage them to drop in. 

The app also sends personalized notifications based on customers’ usual orders. 

So, if a customer often buys a mocha Frappuccino, they’ll get a nudge to grab one at a nearby Starbucks

This personalized approach encourages customers to visit Starbucks more often.

What Starbucks’ Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Starbucks’ location-based marketing reaches customers at the right time and place. 

By sending push notifications when customers are nearby, Starbucks drives foot traffic into their stores. 

The personalized messages based on past orders add a customized touch that makes the notifications relevant and appealing. 

This strategy not only increases customer engagement but also boosts sales by targeting customers with offers they’re likely to act on.

What You Can Learn From Starbucks

If your business model benefits from location-based marketing, there’s much to learn from Starbucks’ geofencing campaign. 

Start by understanding your customers’ behavior and use technology to deliver targeted offers. 

For instance, send notifications to drive foot traffic and boost sales. 

Personalize these messages based on customer preferences to make them more effective and engaging. 

It’s a marketing campaign that’ll help you build stronger brand loyalty and increase sales.

5. Simplified’s SMS Marketing

Like email marketing, SMS marketing provides a direct line of customer communication. It’s one of the best mobile marketing campaigns you can try.

Simplified sends text messages to remind customers of abandoned carts, encouraging them to complete their purchases. 

They also offer a digital personal shopper service that texts users who leave the site without making a purchase. This digital shopper provides personalized assistance and helps build a positive user experience. 

Additionally, Simplified uses texts to announce new product releases, keeping customers informed about the latest offers. 

What Simplified’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Simplified’s SMS marketing campaign is successful because it leverages the immediacy and personal nature of text messaging.

By addressing abandoned carts through texts, they reduce potential lost sales. 

The digital personal shopper adds a personalized touch, offering help exactly when customers need it. 

Announcing new releases via SMS keeps customers in the loop and helps build excitement around new products. 

Their approach encourages high engagement and conversion rates, as text messages will likely be read and acted upon quickly.

What You Can Learn From Simplified

Integrating SMS marketing can help small businesses stay connected with their customers and drive repeat business.

Consider using text messages, like Simplified does, to remind customers about abandoned carts and encourage them to complete their purchases. 

Additionally, think about offering a digital personal shopper service via text to provide personalized assistance to customers. 

Announce new product releases through text messages to keep your customers informed and excited about your latest offers. 

6. Target’s Push Notifications

Target keeps customers engaged and informed through personalized push notifications. 

The Target mobile app alerts customers about items they’ve previously viewed that have gone on sale. App users also get reminders about bonuses nearing expiration and personalized deals or coupons. 

These tailored notifications are relevant to each customer, making them more likely to act on the offers. 

Target keeps its customers engaged by personalizing push notifications that encourage repeat visits.

What Target’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Target’s mobile messaging campaigns are successful because they leverage personalized push notifications to increase customer engagement. 

By alerting customers to items they’ve shown interest in and offering personalized deals, Target creates a more relevant and valuable customer experience.

It’s a mobile marketing approach that keeps Target top of mind. It also drives sales by encouraging customers to take advantage of deals and bonuses. 

What You Can Learn From Target

Adding personalized push notifications to your mobile marketing strategy can boost customer engagement and increase sales. 

Consider sending alerts about items customers have previously viewed that are now on sale or offering personalized deals based on their preferences. 

Send notifications about deals, sales and bonuses about to expire. You’ll build brand loyalty and encourage repeat business. 

7. Shop’s In-App Purchases

Shop introduced a rewards program called Shop Cash, which allows customers to earn 1% cashback on eligible purchases made using Shop Pay, Shopify’s payment processing system. 

However, this cashback can only be redeemed within the Shop app. 

This strategy incentivizes customers to use the Shop app more frequently and purchase from Shopify brands. 

The program is free for sellers, as Shopify funds the cashback. 

What Shop’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Shop’s campaign is clever because it effectively drives app usage and boosts sales for Shopify merchants. 

Offering cashback that can only be redeemed in the Shop app creates a loop where customers are motivated to return to the app to spend their rewards. 

This strategy increases mobile app engagement and encourages more transactions via Shop Pay, benefiting Shopify as the payment processor. 

The program appeals to both customers and merchants, making it a win-win.

What You Can Learn From Shop

Think about implementing a rewards program to boost engagement and app usage. Offer exclusive benefits within your app to drive more traffic and sales. 

Create a simple system where rewards can be easily earned and redeemed. 

To build a sustainable and profitable ecosystem, make sure your program benefits all parties involved — customers, merchants and your platform. This will help increase user acquisition, retention, satisfaction and overall business growth.

8. Domino’s Mobile Marketing

Domino’s tapped into the face-swapping trend on Snapchat to create a fun and engaging campaign, claiming its pizza was “so tasty the mouth boggles.” 

Using augmented reality, app users swapped their faces with a character enjoying Domino’s pizza. 

Domino’s also launched a Giphy channel, allowing mobile users to share branded GIFs on social media. 

By embracing popular trends and social media marketing, Domino’s reached its target audience, generating buzz and engagement through shareable content.

What Domino’s Mobile Marketing Campaign Does So Well

Domino’s wisely observed social media trends and designed mobile campaigns that resonated with their target audience’s habits and interests. 

Using Snapchat’s face-swapping feature and creating a dedicated Giphy channel, Domino’s met its audience where they spent time — on mobile devices and social media platforms. 

Their approach guaranteed their mobile marketing efforts were both relevant and fun, improving user engagement rates and building brand awareness. 

The face-swapping campaign, in particular, stood out because it combined humor, technology and the universal love of pizza. 

This made it a hit among smartphone users who enjoyed sharing their quirky face-swapped videos with friends and followers.

What You Can Learn From Domino’s

Keeping an eye on current social media trends can help you create digital marketing content that followers want to share. Find ways to tie those trends into your products or services.

Get active on the platforms where your audience is already spending their time. Take advantage of the interactive elements and include them in your campaigns. 

Embrace innovative features on social media apps and present your product in a unique and entertaining way. 

What’s Your Favorite Mobile Marketing Example?

I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, share your favorite mobile marketing example. What made it great and why did you love it?

Let me know!

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