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10 Great YouTube Alternatives for Content Creators in 2023

Looking for YouTube alternatives?

Platforms for creatives to share their passion and message with the world (and maybe even profit from it)?

Spaces where users can find entertainment, inspiration, information and community (or at least two or more of these things)?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

In this post, I’m going to share with you 10 of the top YouTube alternatives vying for your attention in 2023. 

Let’s jump right in.

1. Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch gathers trending videos uploaded and shared to Facebook under one tab. 

It curates video suggestions based on likes, follows and viewing history. Then it displays each video in the Watch feed for you to view or scroll through. 

Pros of Facebook Watch

  • Facebook has more active users than YouTube, where you can view content without an account. 
  • You can host and view live video streams and watch parties.
  • Videos are curated by category or trending hashtag.
  • The offerings include music videos and original shows.
  • Users can upload videos of up to 10 GB (4 hours).

Cons of Facebook Watch

  • Content creators can only monetize their videos through ads.
  • The Facebook Watch feed is much more difficult to customize than the News feed or your homepage feed. 
  • There are no advanced search filters. 

Who Should Use Facebook Watch

Facebook users interested in trending news or viral videos should consider exploring Watch.  It’s also an efficient option for marketers with cross-channel strategies (social media, videos, ads). 

Only videos posted by a page with at least 5,000 or a verified profile with at least 50,000 followers can appear in Watch. 

2. Instagram

Instagram is positioning itself as a legit YouTube alternative, not just a photo-sharing and social media site. 

It hosts videos, Reels, Stories and live streams, providing content creators with tools to make dynamic content and earn money. 

Last Fall, Instagram TV (IG TV) and in-feed videos combined to form Instagram Videos, further enhancing the viewer experience. 

Pros of Instagram

  • Discover, watch and engage with videos straight from your feed.
  • Record, edit and post content in a streamlined process.
  • Watch videos in full-screen, mobile-optimized vertical format. 
  • Upload videos of up to 3.6 GB (1 hour), create Reels up to 90 seconds long, and stream for up to 4 hours.
  • Monetize all your video content.

Cons of Instagram

  • You can’t search or customize Instagram Videos, so the videos you scroll through are entirely random and unrelated.
  • Some monetization programs are still in the pilot/testing phase.

Who Should Use Instagram

Content creators, influencers and marketers can showcase their brands on Instagram. Any user who loves watching or making high-quality visual content will also love using it. 

3. Open Video Project

Open Video Project is a digital library of educational videos. You’ll find everything from historical footage and scholarly material to skits and TV spots. 

This archive of research videos is more of a study hub than an entertainment hub.

Pros of Open Video Project

  • Use advanced search options and filters.
  • Discover unique historical, educational and humanities content.
  • Watch or download videos for free without an account. 

Cons of Open Video Project

  • They have lower-quality videos.
  • There is no built-in community.
  • Users cannot upload content, and they are currently not accepting new submissions.

Who Should Use Open Video Project

Anyone conducting related research for work, an assignment or a project may find value in this video site. Someone passionate about this content should also check out the site.  

4. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is one of YouTube’s most significant competitors and most notable alternatives. It features staff-picked videos in different categories from professional publishers across the internet. 

It also offers video hosting and live stream solutions for businesses with remote or hybrid teams. 

Pros of Dailymotion

  • Embed the customizable and feature-rich video player on your websites and integrate it across devices.
  • Use marketing and analytics tools for advertising. 
  • Monetize your videos or website with Partner solutions.
  • Take advantage of less competition compared to YouTube.
  • Enjoy unlimited free video uploads.

Cons of Dailymotion

  • Viewers can’t comment on videos.
  • All videos have ads.
  • Videos have a 4 GB (60 min) limit.

Who Should Use Dailymotion

Dailymotion serves publishers, advertisers, businesses and consumers alike. 

This YouTube alternative website is great for brands with a smaller fan base not yet established on YouTube. They can expand their audience easier because they have less competition. 

5. DTube

Mimicking YouTube’s layout almost exactly, DTube is basically a smaller, more independent version. Users upload and share videos via blockchain rather than a centralized server.

Since DTube is “self-governed,” the user base manages the site and elects leaders to format it. 

Pros of DTube

  • Browse by categories (new videos, hot videos, trending videos and trending tags).
  • Earn cryptocurrency from your videos, which display the amount of crypto earned rather than the number of views.
  • Experience fewer video interruptions and outages.
  • Enjoy greater privacy and security as a video creator or viewer.
  • Post freely without censorship.

Cons of DTube

  • Inappropriate content can’t be reported, blocked, hidden or deleted since there’s no censorship.
  • You can only upload 1 GB of video.
  • A smaller user base means less reach.

Who Should Use DTube

Users looking into decentralized video sites for security, privacy and video quality purposes should check out DTube. Free-speech enthusiasts will want to give this video-sharing platform a whirl as well. 

A content creator wanting to avoid censorship who doesn’t mind not earning money on DTube may also want to look into it.

6. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video hosting platform for brands and content creators. It offers some TV series, but it mainly features content uploaded by artists and filmmakers. 

Vimeo also provides solutions for virtual teams and video marketing professionals.

Pros of Vimeo

  • You’ll find a tight-knit community of passionate, professional content creators.
  • The features page displays staff picks and new short films.
  • You can employ various methods of earning money from your videos.
  • Marketers can leverage video marketing and analytics tools.
  • Teams can communicate and collaborate via team features.

Cons of Vimeo

  • The free Vimeo Basic plan is extremely limited in features and only allows a 500 MB video limit for free users.
  • Only users with Vimeo Pro or a higher plan can sell or monetize their videos.

Who Should Use Vimeo

Studios and content creators can showcase their videos for Vimeo’s niche-focused user base and gain exposure. Artists looking for work can also use this video platform as their portfolio. 

Marketers and businesses with virtual or hybrid teams should try out Vimeo’s advanced solutions.

7. Twitter Video

With Twitter Video, you can watch videos straight from your feed. You can also search for a topic, figure or hashtag and then click the video tab to see all related videos in a feed.  

As a platform with “short and snappy” messaging and tight character limits on tweets, they only support short videos of 140 seconds max. 

Pros of Twitter Video

  • Leverage live streaming options.
  • Like, comment, retweet and share videos within a highly active and engaged community.
  • Use advanced search and filters.
  • Enjoy a feed of watchable videos rather than a list of video thumbnails from search results. 

Cons of Twitter Video

  • Videos are limited to 140 seconds.
  • There is no way to monetize video content.

Who Should Use Twitter Video

If you’re looking for a quick, painless watch-and-scroll video experience, Twitter Video’s the platform for you. 

8. The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is similar to Open Video Project because it’s a digital library. It differs because it’s an archive of ALL types of web content (books, audio, video, images, software, documents, web pages). 

It also differs from Open Video Project because it houses varying types and genres of current and older videos.

Pros of The Internet Archive

  • Discover content in various styles and genres.
  • Download videos for free.
  • Use advanced search and filters.
  • Upload content with a free account.
  • Find rare and obscure videos that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Cons of The Internet Archive

  • You can’t monetize the videos you upload. 
  • There’s not much activity in the forums.

Who Should Use The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is the perfect place to search for specific footage, films, or episodes of tv shows you can’t find elsewhere. If you possess such content, you can share it with the world here. 

9. 9GAG (Formerly 9GAG TV)

9GAG curates trending and viral videos in a Reddit-esque, Twitter-esque format. The content on 9GAG is humorous, engaging, entertaining and doesn’t take itself too seriously. 

Find fun, shareable content such as videos, clips, gifs and memes to post on social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter.

Pros of 9GAG

  • Upload and view short videos.
  • Use social media share buttons to quickly post videos to your social pages.
  • Browse through a variety of categories.

Cons of 9GAG

  • Uncensored content may leak into your search results.
  • There are no earning opportunities for uploaded content. 

Who Should Use 9GAG

If you’re creating or seeking content purely for laughs and entertainment value, then 9GAG is your go-to video-sharing platform. 

It’s also great for influencers and marketers trying to build relationships with their audiences. Occasionally posting funny videos to your social media can encourage engagement and show a brand’s personality.

10. Twitch

Twitch is best known as THE place to stream video games, connect with other players worldwide, and interact with the gaming community. 

While gaming videos make up much of the content, this video streaming platform hosts almost every kind of stream. 

Popular streams include sports, podcasts, concerts, events, performances, demonstrations, tutorials, tours and vlogs. 

Pros of Twitch

  • Browse content by category, tag or video game title.
  • Follow your favorite channels and receive notifications when streams begin.
  • Watch live streams, past broadcasts and highlight clips for free without an account.
  • Connect with a highly-active and engaged community.
  • Monetize your streams and channel.

Cons of Twitch

  • You can’t perform an advanced search or apply search filters.
  • There’s some inappropriate content.

Who Should Use Twitch

Gamers and gaming enthusiasts love Twitch. But anyone interested in watching live stream content will enjoy exploring this platform.

And anyone who wants to share their passion with a highly engaged, like-minded global audience should try Twitch.   

Which Alternative to YouTube is Your Favorite?

After all, the best YouTube alternatives for you are the ones that best match how you use YouTube.

Have you tried any of the YouTube alternatives mentioned?

Do you have a favorite, on or off the list?

Let me know in the comments below!

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