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You Can Do ANYTHING When You Know How to Do This

If you don’t believe you can do something… you’ll find that you’re right.

That’s why most of us try to adopt positive beliefs about ourselves to achieve our goals…

But that’s not always easy to do.

It might take months. Maybe even years.

If you want to shortcut the process, try this…

Play a role.

Research shows we’re capable of achieving extraordinary goals when we consciously choose to play a role that helps us hit those goals.

Let’s talk about Beyoncé for a minute…

Did you know she played a role to make her dreams come true?

In her early days onstage, Beyoncé played the role of Sasha Fierce — her alter ego — to find the courage to perform in front of thousands of people.

Sasha was bold, brave… a total extrovert. Everything Beyoncé was not.

In time, Beyoncé didn’t have to pretend to be Sasha. She became Sasha.

So, what are some of your goals and dreams? What’s the role you can play to make those dreams come true?

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