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World-Class Athletes Use this Technique for Peak Performance Under Pressure (and Now You Can Too)

Imagine it’s the Olympics and you’re at the starting line of the 100-meter race.

Years of training — thousands of hours of practice — comes down to what will happen in the next few seconds.

Do you stay calm or turn into a pile of nerves?

Most people lose their cool under extreme pressure…

But the world’s greatest athletes give their best by doing one simple thing…

They shift from their thoughts to their body.

They concentrate ONLY on putting one foot in front of the other or on achieving perfect strokes as they swim past competitors.

They forget everything except in-the-moment action.

For non-athletes, this translates into doing something physical.

Nervous about stepping onstage for a speech? Jog lightly in place behind the curtain.

Need to give an important presentation? Swing your arms before entering the room.

Physical action allows nervous energy to move through you, brings you back to the moment and restores calm.

Where can you use this technique to achieve peak performance under pressure?

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