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Why You MUST Embrace Boredom to Succeed

We expect to feel engaged and excited pretty much every waking minute.

Thanks to the internet, social media and pings, dings, and rings of our devices, we’re conditioned to expect something interesting to happen every second.

But here’s the truth…

Success is boring… well, at least the road to success is.

Here’s what I mean…

Becoming an expert  at anything — painting, writing, building a business — happens ONLY with repeated, consistent — BORING — actions.

Most people give up before they hit their goals not because they lack drive but because they just can’t bear feeling bored!

Entrepreneurship is exciting, yes but it can also be dull beyond belief.

On the days when your enthusiasm is dangerously close to zero, keep your eye on the prize, focus on your goals. Visualize them. Write them down.

Then consciously lean into the boredom of repeated, tedious actions that create BIG success.

So, where can you start to embrace boredom in your business? Leave a comment!  

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