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Why I Want You to Embarrass Yourself as Much as Possible

Just the thought of public humiliation makes most people hide under the covers!

But the most successful people in the world do the opposite…

Billionaire entrepreneur and inventor Sara Blakely confessed in an interview that she regularly embarrasses herself by bursting into song when she’s in an elevator full of strangers.

Bestselling author and successful investor Tim Ferriss recommends lying on the floor in a public space for 10 seconds — like at your local Starbucks.

Why do this crazy stuff?

Turns out regularly embarrassing yourself teaches you to be resilient.

You’ll learn not to care too much about what other people think AND you’ll learn how to do what it takes to hit your goals — no matter how uncomfortable you feel.

I think that’s worth a few seconds of pre-planned embarrassment!

Here’s an outrageous challenge…

I want you to find a safe way to embarrass yourself today! You can borrow the ideas I’ve shared in this video but why not come up with your own?

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