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This Hidden Habit is Skyrocketing Your Stress Level…

The Kingda-Ka is a roller coaster ride in New Jersey that includes a 418-foot drop.

One second you’re 418 feet in the air, and the next, it feels like you’re about to crash and burn!

Kind of like running a business — the ups and downs are CRAZY!

It’s why entrepreneurs struggle with SO much stress.

You’ve probably tried many different ways to cut back on stress.

Meditation. Massages. Mini breaks…

These are great but they DON’T work if you have this ONE hidden habit…

You let yourself answer work calls, messages and emails, after hours.

When you don’t give yourself enough time to “switch off” at the end of your day, your stress level stays high. You don’t get restful sleep and you wake up feeling just as stressed as the day before.

Do this instead…

Consciously “switch off” at the end of the day.

Turn off notifications from ALL work platforms. Shut down email…

No calls. No messages. No rings, dings or beeps.

Try it. It works like a charm.

How do YOU plan to “switch off” tonight?

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