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Think Like a Genius: Fun Hacks to Boost Your Brain Power

Geniuses are MADE not born. I know that flies in the face of conventional thinking but it’s what I believe.

Maybe you’re thinking, “What about Mozart’s musical gift or Da Vinci’s brilliance with a brush?”

Mozart starting playing the piano at 6 and Da Vinci was an apprentice painter by 15.

When we peek behind the curtain, we’ll see geniuses working HARD to grow their talent. They practice, practice and practice some more!

I don’t know what your natural skills are but I DO know when you boost your brain power you CAN get to extraordinary levels of expertise — even genius!

Here are 3 actionable hacks to do just that:

  1. Turn your book or magazine upside down when you read
  2. Sketch your grocery list instead of writing it
  3. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand

These and other ambidextrous and out-of-the-ordinary practices engage your WHOLE brain, — a powerful way to improve thinking skills.

Which hack will you try today? Leave a comment!

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