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There Are 2 Kinds of Hustle and Only One Gets You to the Top

Back in the disco era The Hustle was a song AND a dance move — I’m not kidding — look it up!

But for entrepreneurs like you and me hustling means doing what it takes to make things happen.

Hustling can get results… but only up to a point.

Life Coach Brooke Castillo talks about 2 kinds of hustle we need to be aware of:

#1: The Busy Hustle

This is when you lose yourself in tasks that are not urgent or critical such as checking your blog post for the millionth time before hitting publish. The Busy Hustle creates stress but not much else.

#2: The Productive Hustle

You know you’re doing the Productive Hustle when you create tangible results. The Productive Hustle is about producing something real with your work — a course, an ebook, a fantastic new business partnership.

So, don’t just hustle… do the right kind of hustle to get to the top!

How do you plan to go from the Busy Hustle to the Productive Hustle in your biz?

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