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The World’s Best Mentors, Coaches and Leaders Are Exceptionally Good at This

It’s the International Day of Encouragement today…

And as we know the world’s best mentors, coaches and leaders are exceptionally good at encouraging success and achievement.

They are MASTERS at getting the best out of others by doing something most people struggle with…

They know how to give great feedback. It’s the difference between amazing results and total resistance.

Use a sweet carrot… a punishing stick will get you nowhere fast.

Here are 3 ways to be honest AND encouraging with your feedback: 

1. Be specific

Don’t say “I’m not feeling this logo” say “I’d love this logo to be more colorful.”

2. Talk about the action not the person

Say, “I’d love to hear your input and ideas more” NOT “You’re too quiet!”

3. Offer support

Talk about what went well AND what needs improvement.

Don’t say, “You’ve been missing deadlines!”  Say, “You do great work but we need to stick with timelines. How can I help you do that?”

Ever had someone encourage you with great feedback? Share your experience in the comments!

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