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The One Time Playing Dumb Will Get You Ahead…

Imagine you’re in the middle of a conversation with an influencer or a potential client.

Things are going well except the other person isn’t what you’d call a “world class conversationalist.”

They ramble on and on or they keep interrupting.

What do you do?

The smartest thing to do is to play dumb.

Say nothing, and do nothing. At least for a while.

Communication expert Geoffrey Tumlin says playing dumb is an empathetic, effective conversational strategy.

When you stay silent, you give the other person the chance to self-correct.

You’ll find most people will say something like, “I’m sorry… I interrupted you,” or, ”Sorry, I’m rambling. Your turn!”

If they don’t self-correct, feel free to tell them firmly but politely that you haven’t finished speaking or that you have something you need to say.

But always give them a chance to self-correct, first.

It’s a communication “ninja move” that’ll earn you respect and trust.

I’m curious…

Can you think of an upcoming conversation where “playing dumb” would come in handy?

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