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The Once-A-Day Habit High Performers Never Miss

Ever heard of Ikigai?

It’s a Japanese concept that roughly translates to “a reason for being.”

High performers reconnect with their Ikigai every, single day.

It’s how they stay inspired and motivated to keep going for those big goals and dreams… even on the toughest days.

Ikigai is a beautiful marriage of 4 elements that drive focus and direction:

What you’re good at

What you love to do

What the world needs and

What you can get paid for.

My ikigai is transforming entrepreneurs into online superheroes. I help them focus their potential, passion and purpose, build a business that expresses who they truly are…

And change the world while they’re at it!   

Find YOUR Ikigai, write it down and look at it every morning.

It will give you the motivation you need to go for your biggest goals and dreams. You can even build your entire business around your Ikigai, like I have.

Have an idea of what your Ikigai is? I’d love to know… leave a comment!

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