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The Big “Neon” Sign That Tells You You’re Hiring the Wrong Guy (or Gal)

I’ve made a lot of hiring mistakes since I first started… and along the way I’ve stumbled on a secret that’s changed everything.

When I’m hiring someone new, I look for more than expertise or great work experience…

I look for a happy, positive attitude.

Experts are a dime a dozen. You can ALWAYS find someone to get the job done…

But if you want to do GREAT work you need a team that works well together…

You need people with a great positive attitude.

So, how can you tell if a potential new hire is a positive or negative person?

Watch for complaints. Negative people complain about everything.

Their last job. Their childhood. The economy. The weather.

You might think most people would know to hide this sort of thing at a job interview but negative people can’t help themselves.

Their complaints ooze into ALL their conversations… and they don’t even know it!

It’s a simple test but it works.

Do you know a simple way to tell if someone’s a positive or negative person?

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