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The Age of Intimacy: How Your Deepest Flaws Are Your Biggest Assets

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Today we live in what I call the age of intimacy.

The age of information has given way because people have information coming at them at all times, so they don’t know who to trust and who to listen to. If they don’t have that heart connection with the person they’re listening to, they can’t always believe what they’re hearing.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between media and social media. Who’s the real deal and who’s not? So while people are looking for experts with real credibility who know what they’re talking about, they’re looking for something more. They’re looking for people they can connect with. So connection trumps content every day of the week.

But here’s the thing: so many people are sharing with this layer of self-protection self-preservation. They wear a mask. They try to be a particular way because they want to look good. They want to gain control they want to gain the upper hand.

And by trying to look good, to be perfect, to be a particular way, you’re preventing people from just connecting with your heart and soul and that’s what they want because the world is looking for real heroes.

Up to 80 percent of how people perceive you isn’t based on what you’re saying, but how you’re saying it. So I invite you to drop the shield. To take the mask off. And to really show more of yourself in your business. Because people crave real heroes. You’re the protagonist in your business and people don’t want shallow protagonists who are perfect and have it all together.

They want characters who are deeply flawed because that’s the human condition.

And when you’re a character like that, people pay attention to you. They’ll listen to you because they feel you. Because when you’re the kind of person who’s overcome a challenge and you’re willing to share the times when things weren’t perfect, you show that there’s a path for that someone just like you, with problems just like you had, can overcome those problems. Can rise above. And that gives other people permission to rise above as well.

But it takes taking off the mask, letting down the armor, letting go of control, and being willing to be more raw and real and vulnerable and just saying it like it is, and being so fully you and expressed that you allow people to get to know like and trust you — not necessarily just the camera you. But the real you. All of you.

So in this age of intimacy don’t be afraid to share more of yourself.

When you add the intimacy to the content, to the expertise and credibility that you have, that is an unforgettable combination. That’s arresting. People will stop and pay attention to it and pay attention to you.

Because not only are you the expert, but you’re an expert with heart. An expert they can connect with. Someone they can trust. Someone they want to work with because not only can you get them the outcome, but the process along the way is going to be enjoyable. And today, people don’t want to just solve the problem. People want to solve the problem in a way that allows them to really enjoy themselves along the way.

The experience is everything — not just the destination.

We’re no longer only focused on the goal. We’re focused on the journey.

We want to enjoy the process. We want to trust and connect with the people that we choose to do business with. Over 50 percent of the global population when given the choice to do business with companies who share their beliefs; they’ll take that choice over the companies, the entrepreneurs, the options, the solutions that don’t relate to them. That aren’t relevant.

So remember the age of information is long over. And we’re now in the age of intimacy. So don’t be afraid to show yourself. Leave a comment below and let me know what’s one thing that you’ve been hiding? One aspect of yourself, one quality, one characteristic that you may be have not shown up until now? That you’re ready to show. So take off the mask and live your message.


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  1. Nomita Mehta Avatar
    Nomita Mehta

    So powerfully explained Marissa.
    One thing I have t shown and am willing to take the mask off is my humorous side. God! I am so serious in my videos. Got to show them my funky, slapstick funny side.

    Thank you for that eye opener.

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Thanks Nomita! Humor goes a LONG way… so show it!

  2. Rob Avatar

    It’s good timing for me to hear your message Marisa – today is day 4 of my 21 day Facebook Live challenge. Your message encourages me to be more of myself on video and make that work for me, to tell more of my own story. I’m never going to be hired as a TV new presenter but I can definitely be the real me on camera.

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      So glad to hear you’re doing the Challenge Rob. And yes to being more of you on camera without trying to be something you’re not. <3

  3. Richard Zultner Avatar
    Richard Zultner

    As a “quirky” master teacher, I need to let go of being THE EXPERT, with the best answers (my answers) — and embrace being a ferocious student who is always willing to learn something new (even if that replaces what I already know). And this behavior will be a beacon to my ideal customers…

    1. Marisa Murgatroyd Avatar
      Marisa Murgatroyd

      Richard — I love that you’re embracing your quirkiness. 😉 And my experience of you is that you ARE an incredible student.

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