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The 500-Year-Old Method to Achieve Mastery (It Still Works like Gangbusters!)

There’s a proven path to mastery and it hasn’t changed in over 500 years.

The best part is… it’s a LOT of fun.

So, if you want to be GREAT at what you do… travel the world!

Old world artists and creators understood this.

Paul Gauguin was a world traveller. William Turner loved visiting foreign lands.

More recently, Steve Jobs went on a spiritual quest to India as a young man and — well — you know the rest of the story!

Why does travel improve your skills?

Your brain is “forced” to build new neural pathways when you have new experiences like finding your way through unknown cities and learning to say, “Where’s the restroom?” in a foreign language.

These experiences open your mind, boost inspiration and amplify creativity.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a programmer, a musician, or a novelist, the more you travel the more your creativity flows…

And the closer you get to total mastery.

Now that you know traveling creates mastery, where’s your next holiday destination?

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