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Shhh….Stop Saying this Word and Watch Your Productivity Hit the Roof

Can you imagine Mark Cuban procrastinating because he’s not sure what needs to get done?

Can you imagine Brendon Burchard tossing aside his task list so he can goof off with his buddies?

These highly successful entrepreneurs have incredible productivity levels.

They don’t have it easier than anyone else. They’re just more determined, decisive AND they take action, immediately.

You’ll NEVER catch them in No Man’s Land — the place where so many of us get stuck — The Land of Should.

Should is a loaded word. It means you want to do something, you need to do something, you could do something…

But you don’t.

And your productivity takes a hit. A big one.

The more “should-s” you have in your vocabulary, the less productive you are.

So, stop with the should-s. Make a decision and follow through.

Productive entrepreneurs never “should” all over themselves…

And neither “should” you…yes. I see the irony!

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