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Possibly the Most Powerful Word in the Art of Persuasion…

Harvard Psychology professor, Ellen Langer discovered something fascinating about human behavior…

You’re FAR more likely get what you want if you explain WHY you want it.

Langer’s researchers approached groups queueing up to use a copier and asked, “Can I cut to the front of the line, please?”…

Only 60% of those in line, agreed.

But when researchers said, “Can I cut to the front because I want to make copies,” 93% were happy to say yes.

The word “because” followed by a reason — any reason — triggered a positive response.

Let me ask you: how often do you give up after you’ve been turned down once?

The next time you ask for something and you don’t get it…don’t give up! Try again but this time, offer a reason.

Don’t be afraid to use the word “because” to get what you want!

So…where can you use “because” to get something you really want today? Comment below!

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